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Time 2 Escape WIFLI Briefing for Monday, Feb 27, 2012

Welcome to this edition of Time 2 Escape WIFLI Briefing!

What is WIFLI?
You may be wondering what the acronym "WIFLI" means. I started out by calling these issues the Time 2 Escape Daily, but that didn't work out very well. I quickly learned that putting these issues together on a daily basis was a task I was unable to accomplish. To replace "Daily" in the title, I coined the acronym WIFLI, which literally means "When I Feel Like It." Putting together a post on this blog WIFLI works much better for my schedule, and for the higher quality of each issue that is eventually published!
From John Kubicek
Editor In Chief of johnny2k's Blogging In Our Time 2 Escape:

What if we could free ourselves from the yoke of big government through a campaign of education and information and personal courage that leads to a revolutionary return to first principles? What if the establishment doesn’t want this?

~ Judge Andrew Napolitano, in "What if democracy is bunk?"
Yes, folks, there are some questions that we should assume need to be answered before November 6, 2012.

And BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I have been striving to tell you about the questions that we should be aware of, and that there should be an attempt to find answers. I don't have the answers, but I DO know the solutions to our problems can not be solved if the general population of this country is totally oblivious to what faces us in our (near?) future!

But... I have found a troubling situation that needs to be addressed in today's WIFLI Briefing.

The troubling situation is that I sometimes get frustrated and distraught when I find that there is very little traffic for a few days on this blog. That's a pretty silly emotion on my part. All  I have to do is to go back and see the progress I've made over the years, and remember things that I've learned, like the following:
The more experience you have with what doesn’t work, the more you’ll move in the direction of what does work. With persistence and a clear sense of purpose, failure can lead you steadily toward success.

~~ Ralph Marston, Friday, Feb 24, 2012, in "Everything can move you forward"
Rather than giving up when we have setbacks, it should be a greater motivation to keep on truckin'!! Exactly ditto of what Ralph Marston is saying!

Things - like FREEDOM - in America are getting further and further from what I enjoyed while growing up. I happen to now believe in the fact that if I don't do anything about it, I would not only be proving that I am complacent, but I would also be guilty in being complicit in allowing our freedom to be thrown into the dustbin of history. I think that John Stossel hit the nail on the head:

The politicians are spending us into oblivion. But I can’t blame only them. The American people are complacent. We like the goodies. We think we’re getting something for nothing. We are like alcoholics who know we have a problem but just can’t resist one last fix. One more infrastructure bill or jobs plan will jump-start the economy. Then we’ll kick our spending addiction once and for all.

~ John Stossel, in "My plan to balance the budget"
Should freedom in America pass away, so will America, just like the many empires before us. Like I said in a facebook status not long ago, "Let me be perfectly clear: They will have to pry my grasp of Freedom from my cold, dead hands."

And to make no mistake; don't even imagine for even a minute, that this is about any type of monetary reward should the Time 2 Escape blog go viral.  I just want to make sure that as many freedom loving patriots as possible have the information that is available to us, and make sure that the complacency doesn't persist. Though, I guess going viral would be kind of fun! I'm just sayin'...

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US Bolsters Defenses in Strait of Hormuz
From NEWSMAX ~ Saturday, 25 Feb 2012 12:22 PM

The Pentagon has notified US lawmakers of plans to bolster US defenses in and around the Strait of Hormuz to be prepared for a military response against Iran, a report said Friday.

New mine-detection and clearing equipment as well as improved surveillance capabilities are part of the planned build-up, said the Wall Street Journal, citing defense officials briefed on the requests.

The Pentagon also wants to modify ship weapons systems to best deal with Iranian attack boats in the Strait, said the report.

The moves highlight efforts to boost US military capabilities amid heightened tension with Iran and rising speculation of a strike from Israel over Iran's nuclear program.

... READ MORE ...
Israeli Attack on Iran Might Pull US Into New War

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Iran prepares for kamikaze attacks
Tehran military on high alert with planes, speedboats in Persian Gulf
From WND ~ By Reza Kahlili ~ Published Feb 26, 2012

Even as it continued to talk with the U.N. nuclear watchdog, Iran continued to prepare for war over its nuclear weapons program, training for kamikaze attacks in the Persian Gulf with both planes and speedboats, sources within the Iranian armed forces report.

Tuesday the International Atomic Energy Agency called its recent talks with Iran a failure. And just days before, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ordered the Revolutionary Guards, along with the army, on high alert, ready with conventional and unconventional means to respond to any aggression by the U.S. or Israel over its nuclear weapons program, the sources say.

The Guards’ missile commanders, in their preparation for a fierce counterattack, have mapped out all U.S. bases in the region to strike with their missiles in order to disrupt America’s air sorties, believing they will be the main thrust of any attack by America.

... READ MORE ...

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Wyoming Advances ‘Doomsday Bill’ to Help Residents During Possible Collapse
From THEBLAZE ~ by Billy Hallowell ~ Posted on February 27, 2012 at 8:45am

Over the past few years, economic woes have led to both fear and uncertainty. The Blaze already told you about what “preppers” are doing to ready themselves should disaster become reality. GBTV, too, has brought you “Independence USA,” a reality show featuring a family trying to live off the grid. But now it seems even some politicians are getting in on the preparatory spirit, with officials in the State of Wyoming advancing what many are calling a “Doomsday Bill.”

In the event that America’s political system or economic stability collapses, some Wyoming lawmakers contend that a viable plan must be in place. Enter Bill 85, which passed its first vote in the state’s House on Friday. If advanced, the “Doomsday Bill” would create a state-run government task force that would explore and handle energy supplies, food shortages and other needs related to a potential nationwide governmental collapse.

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Bullish on Santorum
Star Parker: Conservative support for senator will only grow in days ahead
From WND Commentary ~ By Star Parker ~ Published Friday, Feb 24, 2012

New Gallup polling shows the clearest picture yet of the great divide in the Republican Party that has been pushing Rick Santorum to the head of the class.

Behind Santorum’s 8-point national lead over Romney is a yawing gap in ideological support for the two candidates.

Conservative support for Santorum stands at 42 percent, compared to 24 percent for Romney. Among those who attend church frequently, support for Santorum is at 44 percent and for Romney 22 percent.

In the nation’s heartland in the Midwest and South, Santorum leads by 19 and 8 points, respectively. It is only on the more liberal East and West coasts where the two are running neck and neck.

Was Ronald Reagan
"a perfect conservative"?
The poll also challenges conventional wisdom that Santorum is too conservative for the tastes of independent voters. He is leading Romney among Republican leaning independents by 8 points.

With Santorum establishing himself as the candidate of choice among conservative and churchgoing Republicans, Romney’s tactic, manifest in the debate in Arizona, is to try and discredit Santorum’s credentials that are drawing conservative voters to him.

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Yes, Santorum can beat Obama
Exclusive: Tom Tancredo knocks down fence between 'social' issues, 'economic' issues
From WND Commentary ~ By Tom Tancredo ~ Published Friday, Feb 24, 2012

One of the most reliable truisms in politics is full of irony: When it comes to predicting presidential elections, conventional wisdom is nearly always wrong.

Washington pundits talk and write mostly for themselves, and certainly not for the history books. If they were paid according to their track records as political prognosticators, they would all be on food stamps.

The conventional wisdom in 1960 was that John Kennedy could not win a debate against the experienced Richard Nixon. In 1966, the conventional wisdom said a lightweight movie actor named Ronald Reagan had no chance to unseat the popular incumbent Democratic governor of California. Conventional wisdom in 2008 said Barack Obama has no chance to beat the popular wife of a popular ex-president.

The conventional wisdom a year ago said Mitt Romney would run away with the Republican nomination.

Is there a pattern here? Politics is full of surprises, and 2012 is no different.

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The lust for power
Exclusive: Patrice Lewis spotlights government officials' ability to coerce the rest of us
From WND Commentary ~ By Patrice Lewis ~ Published Friday, Feb 24, 2012

Power attracts the corruptible. Suspect all who seek it.

– Frank Herbert, “Dune
It was nothing more than a random headline my husband read out loud off the Internet this week, something about how Hillary Clinton wants to be the new president of the World Bank.

“You know,” I commented as I stirred a pot on the stove, “I simply do not understand why people don’t long for a quiet simple life, with a job they can leave behind at the end of the day and a warm and loving family life they can come home to.”

That’s the way most of us are wired, after all. Naturally we have plans and ambitions, but for most people, the family they come home to at the end of the day is the thing that really counts.

But not everyone feels this way. Some people long to be the president of the World Bank for apparently no other reason than a lust for power. It’s like a fever in the blood and a condition literally unfathomable to those who don’t share it. My husband calls it The Centurion Complex (Matthew 8:8-9): I tell them to come and they come; I tell them to go and they go.

Lust is defined as an overwhelming craving. Power is the ability to dominate or rule others. People with a lust for power over others don’t think like you and me. They gauge things on a different scale. Those afflicted with this condition naturally gravitate toward positions in life where obedience is compulsory – and what better arena than government, where their craving can be enforced at the point of a gun?

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Supply, Demand, Currency and Futures – The Truth About Gas Prices
From A Voice of Sanity ~ By Robert Ringer ~ Published Monday, Feb 27, 2012

Our old friend, “pain at the pump,” is with us once again, and this time it promises to be far more painful than the last time around. “Pain at the pump” is a nice little catchphrase, but I’ve never been able to figure out why people pick on gas. After all, isn’t it just as painful to pay $250,000 for a house that used to cost $8,000? Or $30,000 for a car that once cost $2,000? And what about the skyrocketing prices of such basic foods as milk, bread, and eggs?

The fact is that the price of gasoline is relative. Relative to what Americans have been used to paying, $4.00-$5.00 a gallon sounds like a lot. And $6.00-$7.00 a gallon — which is almost certain to come — is going to sound like a lot more. But relative to what countries such as the UK, France, and the Netherlands have been paying for years, these prices are no big deal.

But what, exactly, drives up gas prices? Some of the major factors include:

Supply. So long as “environmentalists” have their way, our lack of accessible domestic supply assures that gas prices will continue to rise. The far left, intent on bringing about a green-energy society, cheers on Richard Nixon’s creation, the Environmental Protection Agency, as it continues to stifle oil production at every turn. Obama’s refusal to build the Keystone Pipeline is just the latest example of how committed the green crowd is to bringing oil production to a standstill.

Demand. The emergence of China and India as economic superpowers, not to mention smaller emerging economic powers such as Chile and Brazil, assures continued upward pressure on energy prices, even if the growth of these economies slows in the coming years.

Middle East tensions. Summed up in one word: Iran.

Currency devaluation. Above all, the Federal Reserve continues to quietly increase the money supply, which puts unrelenting downward pressure on the U.S. dollar. What makes the continual devaluation of the dollar a unique factor is that it creates the illusion that gas prices are rising.

Futures market. Speculators take all of the above factors, and more, into consideration and bet on the future price of oil — the usual result of which is to drive prices still higher.

Of course, there are other factors that play into the equation as well, such as the 18.4¢ per gallon federal excise tax, but the biggest drivers of high gas prices are the five that I’ve listed above.

Even so, there is an even bigger reason why gas prices are sure to rise dramatically in the future: the coming “excess-profits tax.” In less gentle terms, I’m talking about increased government confiscation of oil-company profits. This theft will cause oil companies to pull in their horns and put the brakes not only on oil drilling, but on research for alternative sources of energy as well.

The class-warfare folks in the nation’s capital have a slam dunk when it comes to demonizing the major oil companies. They conveniently ignore the fact that the five largest oil companies — Chevron, Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, and ConocoPhillips — make a bit over 6 percent profit on sales, or about one-fourth the profit margin that Google enjoys. That being the case, one wonders why the kleptomaniacs in Washington don’t slap Google with an excess-profits tax.

Of course, some would argue that people don’t need Google, but they do need gas. Need, however, is a subjective term. It is simply a euphemism for want. Everyone claims to need gas, which simply means they want it. They also want to pay less for gas and less for cars, food, housing, medical care, and baseball, football, and basketball tickets. Worse, pandering politicians have convinced them that not only are their desires needs, but their needs are “rights.” Presto: Just like that, inexpensive gas becomes a right.

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Copyright © 2012 Robert Ringer
ROBERT RINGER is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and host of the highly acclaimed Liberty Education Interview Series, which features interviews with top political, economic, and social leaders. He has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, The Tonight Show, Today, The Dennis Miller Show, Good Morning America, The Lars Larson Show, ABC Nightline, and The Charlie Rose Show, and has been the subject of feature articles in such major publications as Time, People, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Barron's, and The New York Times.

To sign up for his one-of-a-kind, pro-liberty e-letter, A Voice of Sanity, Click Here.

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The High Priests of Eco-Destruction
From A Voice of Sanity ~ By Michelle Malkin - Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012

Rick Santorum is right. Pushing back against Democrats’ attempts to frame him as a religious menace, the GOP presidential candidate forcefully turned the tables on the White House: “When it comes to the management of the Earth, they are the anti-science ones.

Scrutiny of the White House anti-science brigade couldn’t come at a better time (which is why Santorum’s detractors prefer to froth at the mouth about comments he made four years ago on the existence of Satan). It’s not just big-ticket scandals like the stimulus-subsidized Solyndra bankruptcy or the Keystone pipeline debacle bedeviling America. In every corner of the Obama administration, the radical green machinery is hard at work — destroying jobs, shredding truth and sacrificing our economic well-being at the altar of environmentalism.

—Take Obama’s head of the National Park Service, please. While serving as the Pacific West regional director of the NPS, Jon Jarvis was accused of at least 21 instances of scientific misconduct by Dr. Corey Goodman, a high-ranking member of the National Academy of Sciences. Extensive information about Jarvis’ alleged role in cooking data about a California oyster farm’s impact on harbor seals at Point Reyes was withheld during the 2009 nomination process. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has ignored complaints and follow-up from both Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Republican Sens. James Inhofe and David Vitter.

The National Research Council determined that the NPS had “selectively” slanted its report on the oyster farm. The federal Marine Mammal Commission found that “the data and analyses are not sufficient to demonstrate a causal relationship” between the farm’s operations and harbor seal health. In a letter blasting the NPS for bullying the small oyster farm, Feinstein — normally a reliable eco-ally — concluded earlier this month that the “crux of the problem is that the Park Service manipulated science while building a case that the business should be shuttered.”

... READ MORE ...


Michelle Malkin is a conservative blogger, columnist, regular Fox News contributor, and author of many New York Times bestselling books.

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U.S Armed Forces - We Must Fight - President Reagan (HD)

Video provided by canadianmatt3 on Feb 19, 2012

And, finally, there is this:
You don’t ever have to settle for less than the very best from life. Because you can envision what you desire and you can work diligently to make it so.

Some would assume that the necessity of effort is a burdensome curse. Yet in reality it is one of life’s greatest blessings.

For it is the necessity of effort that enables you to dream your most treasured dreams, and then to make them real. You have the power to do it, and right here, right now, is when you can.

Ralph Marston, Monday, February 27, 2012, in "The power to do it"

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