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The Solyndra dilemma ~ By Henry Lamb

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I know, I've been spoiling for a conflict here on this blog lately. I mentioned Victoria Jackson's column about the political corruption and voting fraud in Alaska and probably elsewhere, and Phil Elmore's column about what the Obama machine will try to do to you when you say anything about the Obama machine. And, I've been at this for quite awhile, there have been other Obama secrets that I've brought to light through the writings of so many well informed patriots, such as the writer of this column, Henry Lamb.

In his column, Henry explains the reasons why the Solyndra failure is such a big political problem for the Obama Administration. Green jobs, the economy, trying to compete with forced labor in China... It just isn't a pretty picture for the job-loser-in-chief. The green jobs aren't going to cut it. And then add in the possibility that the Solyndra funding was just stupid and guaranteed to fail, as in the prediction that Solyndra would not survive past September 2011... Oh, wait...

As I was saying, I am sure that letting you know about the information that is provided - facts included - could definitely be a problem for those that are bent on silencing their opposition. I'm just sayin'....

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The Solyndra dilemma
By Henry Lamb

September 23, 2011 ~ 1:47 pm Eastern

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The political dilemma is not that surprising. Politicians can be expected to give special favors to their major contributors. Rarely are these political rewards so brazen, or so costly, as the $535 million loan guarantee given to the company whose major investor just happened to be George Kaiser, a major fundraiser for President Obama. Even more scandalous, was the loan restructuring agreed to by the Obama administration, which subordinated repayment to the federal government in favor of repayment of Kaiser's personal investment in Solyndra.

A credit review panel in the Bush administration ruled unanimously against granting this loan. A similar review panel in Obama's administration predicted that Solyndra would go belly-up by September 2011. Nevertheless, the Obama administration decided to grant the loan guarantee and make a spectacle of the event to promote Obama's new "green" economy.

Politically, this deal stinks to high heaven.

Political hanky-panky is the least of the Solyndra dilemma; the real dilemma is the reason behind Solyndra's failure.

The cold hard fact is that China can produce solar panels, and everything else for that matter, for a cost far less than competing products can be produced in the United States. The question is "why?" The answer is easy.

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