Thursday, September 22, 2011

Please report me to #AttackWatch ~ By Phil Elmore

Phil Elmore explains the Orwellian tactics that the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives are taking in order to protect their control of We the People. Let me summarize what Phil is saying in simple words: It is time to make the Obama strategy "shovel ready." (There, now you have the ammunition to also report me to #AttackWatch!)

Please report me to #AttackWatch

By Phil Elmore

September 21, 2011 ~ 9:00 pm Eastern

© 2011

More than two years ago in Technocracy, I wrote of the "culture of informing," a "tattletale nation of citizens suspiciously monitoring their fellow citizens' law-abiding behavior." I also characterized a then relatively newly elected President Obama, whom I referred to as our technology dictator, as a totalitarian who, among other things, wishes to control the Internet itself to stifle free speech and silence criticism. Especially interesting in light of my recent excoriation of James Hoffa for calls to violence among union members (and my denunciation of apologists trying, dishonestly, to dismiss Hoffa's agitation) was the fact that I referenced, in 2009, lib violence directed at silencing conservatives – all in the name of squelching what bug-eyed leftist Nancy Pelosi described as "un-American" dissent. Taken as a whole, the move by liberals to establish thoughtcrime, to criminalize dissenting political opinion, was and is nothing short of Orwellian in scope and intensity:
When Obama's transition website,, can be retroactively scrubbed to remove all references to his confiscatory plans to disarm American citizens, Orwell's prediction of a revisionist state has already come true. When Obama can go on record as saying that he supports single-payer socialist medicine, then baldly lie and say he doesn't, Orwell's vision of a dishonest and double-speaking state is reality. When Homeland Security declares that almost all conservatives and libertarians in the country are domestic terrorists, Orwell's nightmare of a government making dissenters "unpersons" is only too real. When your pediatrician's office wants to know if you own any guns, Orwell's citizen spies are already poking through your trash and peeking in your windows.

When your president urges you to report to the government any citizens who dare to question his socialist schemes, asking you to send an email to flag @, technology has ushered us into Orwell's past future, and we have all become Winston Smith.
When George W. Bush was in power and libs found their patriotism questioned for their demoralizing attacks on the missions undertaken by the United States military, Hillary Clinton famously screeched that she was "sick and tired" of such criticism. "We are Americans," she cawed, "and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration!" Under Bush, the libs successfully redefined "patriotism," at least in popular culture, as dissent. No longer was patriotism defined as support of one's nation and the expression of that support for your country's military efforts.


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