Friday, September 16, 2011

Laughable Hoffa apologists ~ By Phil Elmore

In this latest Technocracy column, Phil Elmore responds to the little lib whiners who think that James P. Hoffa's Labor Day speech had been taken out of context by the Fox News Channel. Phil points out that the rhetoric that was spewed out in that fateful speech where Hoffa said, ""Let's take these son of a bitches out," should be judged by both context and tone

If the Democrats are serious about toning down the "violent rhetoric," then why was it okay with the liberals for Hoffa to speak in that manner? But if a Conservative said anything like Hoffa's violent sounding rhetoric, well, as we all know, Phil Elmore is right when he wrote that "Condemning dissent as a precursor to violence is a favorite lib tactic for silencing conservatives." You only need to read the reader comments in this column and two related columns shown below to know that Phil is right on the money about how liberals are willing to condemn conservatives but not their own.


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Laughable Hoffa apologists
By Phil Elmore

September 14, 2011 ~ 2:38 pm Eastern

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Only minutes after last week's Technocracy column went live, a small army of leftist trolls and self-proclaimed "independents" began bleating that the article was a lie. In the piece, I condemned a Labor Day speech by union leader James Hoffa in which Hoffa encouraged union members to commit acts of violence against the tea party. Through WND's Facebook application, several prolific "top commenters" – who are, in fact, simply persistent contrarians trolling WND's pages – whined that Fox News' clip of Hoffa's speech had been selectively, manipulatively edited to create the impression that Hoffa said something he truly did not.

Amidst the urgent squeals of "Fox! Fox! Fox! Smear! Smear! Smear!" these media watchdogs forgot to include, as targets of their ire, ABC News, which also aired the clip. Still, the stupidity of "compressing" the sound bite by eliminating the only piece of possibly mitigating verbiage is obvious. I have written previously about leftists' breathless desires to demonize Fox News. Editing the clip in this manner simply hands the network's enemies more ammunition, while doing Fox – arguably the only major news organization not already a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee – no favors.

Neither the alleged perfidy of Fox News nor the casual inclusion of a reference to voting excuse, rationalize, justify, or even sufficiently modify Hoffa's comments, however. Neither point, even if the former were true, makes any difference whatsoever.


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