Thursday, September 08, 2011

Hey, Hoffa: You will be held accountable ~ By Phil Elmore

Phil Elmore explores the fact that you won't get away with just saying or writing whatever you wish when it comes to uttering violence-inciting rhetoric. Those people who do not heed that warning can easily be identified should they attempt to hide their identity. In many cases, however, there seems to be people that seem to believe they are immune from recourse when it comes to their public comments. And in the days of the internet, 24/7 news, and social media, the immediacy of communication can lead to quick repercussions.

Hey, Hoffa: You will be held accountable

By Phil Elmore

September 07, 2011 ~ 5:16 pm Eastern

© 2011

In the court of public opinion, on the street initiating violence against a citizen whose right is to self-defense, and, if need be, before judges and juries in our legal system, violent libs WILL be held accountable. These Democratic thugs are lucky we are not the violent people they accuse us of being. We are, in fact, the epitome of restraint. The hypocrite, would-be bullies among the liberals, who are so eager, so enthusiastic, to do violence against us because we dare to disagree with them, should be thanking whatever gods or godless doctrines they worship that we possess the self-control they lack.

Every single person you'd like to "take out," you leftist cowards, is a real human being who isn't just going to lay down and die because you demanded it. While you're whining and mewling about the "violent rhetoric" and "hate speech" you read into and misconstrue from innocent comments made by conservatives and libertarians, remember that it is your side of the political aisle making genuine, explicit and legally actionable exhortations to physical assault.


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