Sunday, May 03, 2009

50 Year Old Cartoon Eerily Predicts the Future

In a great blog entry by Bill Dupray, the DC Political Examiner, he makes an excellent statement about what people knew about 50 years ago, as compared to now. Let's first check out the excellent video that he provides on his blog that was uploaded to by LCLREPORT:

Bill then writes the following:
The sad thing is that 50 years ago Communism, Fascism, and Socialism were well known as destructive killers of freedom and, for that matter, of people. Most Americans under the age of 35 (read Obama voters) never grew up with the nuclear threat hanging over their heads every day. The problem is that very few members of congress (and no Senators) are under 35, which means they have consciously disregarded the lessons of history and chosen a combination of Communism (silence and/or jail your political opponents and seize private corporations) and Socialism (nanny-state health care, welfare, and redistribution of wealth from producers to non-producers). Every single one of Obama and the Democrats' policies takes freedom from individuals for the "good of the state," exactly the same argument made by despots since time immemorial. [Continue reading Bill's column]
Bill is so right when he says at the end of this piece, "Why don't we just start over with the youngsters and start showing cartoons like this in grade school classrooms." digg story ~ Submitted by PatriotRoom

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