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Netanyahu Debunks AP Report Rapping US Ambassador ~ By Hana Levi Julian

The United States has given us tremendous support, material support with Iron Dome, not only the one that we received, but now both houses of Congress with the support of the Administration have agreed to the request that I made for an additional $225 million for additional Iron Dome protection. That is a lot of support and we deeply appreciate it, and that is the substance of our relationship.

That’s the tone of our relationship, which gets to the question of these reports that are not only of my conversation with Ambassador Shapiro but also with the President that are full of incorrections, (sic) full of distortions and are wrong both in tone and in substance.

The right tone, the right substance is the support that we are getting as we speak from the United States of America, and I appreciate it deeply.
On August 2, 2014, Matthew Lee, AP Diplomatic Writer, in his story for the Associated Press, said that Netanyahu had scolded the U.S.:
Sources familiar with conversations between Netanyahu and senior U.S. officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry, say the Israeli leader advised the Obama administration "not to ever second guess me again" on the matter.
The story, "Netanyahu to US: Don't second guess me on Hamas," quickly went viral in the media. But according to this story by Hana Levi Julian, Bibi Netanyahu claims that it never happened.

Now we have to ask ourselves why AP writer Matthew Lee would have made up the story, or at least exaggerated the report to make it sound more scintillating.  Or, the other possibility, assuming that Netanyahu did not scold the U.S., would be that one of Matthew Lee's sources made up the report. What ulterior motive could a source in the State Department have to make up a story about Netanyahu scolding our President and/or anyone else in the State Department, including the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro? It doesn't seem to add up.

Well, then again, there's nothing more than Obama would want more right now than to have Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sound like he's kissing up to Obama, and our Congress, for approving the $225 Million aid package for Iron Dome. That does sound like a good way that Obama could keep Jewish Obama (Democrat) voters happy. Just sayin'...

Netanyahu Debunks AP Report Rapping US Ambassador
By Hana Levi Julian

Published: August 3rd, 2014


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
and US Ambassador Dan Shapiro
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu used his news conference on Saturday night to debunk a report that on Friday he had scolded US Ambassador Dan Shapiro.

Associated Press reported that Netanyahu allegedly warned the American diplomat in a sharp telephone conversation he now expected the full support of Washington and the rest of the international community for Israel’s counter terror operation in Gaza, following the abduction by Hamas terrorists of IDF 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin.

Two other IDF soldiers were killed while Goldin was dragged into a terror tunnel in the ambush that took place in the southern Gaza border town of Rafah during a 72-hour humanitarian cease fire forced on Israel by the United States and United Nations. The report claimed Shapiro was told by Netanyahu the Obama administration was not to “ever second guess me again” when it came to dealing with Hamas.

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