Friday, August 29, 2014

VIDEO: Greg Gutfeld's awesome idea

This is something new, folks. I no longer need to have you logged into Facebook to see the following video. As far as I can tell, I have corrected that little problem! Now, the question is, should I go back and take out that statement saying you have to be logged into Facebook from all the previous posts of my Facebook videos? Wait, I thought, wouldn't it be fun seeing the look on their face when they can see my videos, and they've NEVER even joined Facebook? Yep, they're going to be wondering what's going on if they haven't been keeping up with the posts on this blog, especially this one!

In the meantime, this post has to do with something that Greg Gutfeld came up with. Greg is the host of the late night show on Fox News called Red Eye, and also one of the hosts on The Five. In this segment on The Five, he made a brilliant observation, and this country's strategic military planners should take the idea very seriously.

Watch this video.  Now you can, you know.

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