Monday, August 11, 2014

Obama 'doesn't know what to do in Iraq'

It is a dark evil,” she said. “Islamic supremacists believe they need to rule the world. And they need to know that isn’t going to happen.

We have to realize that ISIS has declared war. They declared war on anyone who is not them.”

Bachmann said it is the duty of our generation to defeat the evil of Islamic supremacism.

We have the military might to defeat them. But we need to engage the enemy. We have to decide if we have the political will to defeat them.
We would think that our intelligence community would have been able to see the dangers of ISIS months ago.  We would then safely assume that our President has been advised of the threat of ISIS not only in Iraq, but also to our homeland. 

But in the meantime, Obama's response has been for a "humanitarian" crisis, and has the belief that the government in Baghdad must be changed in order to keep Iraq from falling to a "JV squad" of terrorists.  Obama and his Democrat minions don't seem to understand the situation in Iraq. 

Rep. Michele Bachmann has it right.  In the case of ISIS, there is not going to be a political solution. Back in June, Judge Jeanine Pirro had it right.

And apparently, the Underestimator-in-chief has not figured it out yet. It's kind of hard to get peace through weakness. Just sayin'...

Obama 'doesn't know what to do in Iraq'
Bachmann: 'Military power is the only thing the Islamists understand'
Garth Kant
By Garth Kant

Friday, August 8th, 2014


Purported ISIS massacre of captured Iraqi Army troops in June
WASHINGTON – As Islamic terrorists attempt to massacre as many as 40,000 refugees stranded on a mountain, mostly woman and children, while threatening to kill 50,000 Christians if they don’t convert to Islam and reportedly beheading children, President Obama finally conceded the “potential” for genocide in Iraq, but steadfastly insisted there is “no American military solution” to the crisis.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who is in the Middle East, strongly begged to differ.

Military power is the only thing they understand. They have to be defeated militarily,” she told WND by phone from Amman, Jordan.

If diplomacy was going to work, it would have worked a long time ago,” she concluded, in sharp contrast to the president’s claim in a televised address Thursday night that only a political solution can stop the march of the terrorist army called ISIS, while also giving the go-ahead for limited airstrikes in Iraq.

Bachmann insisted that diplomacy can’t work when dealing with fanatics who are going to keep fighting “and beheading children until they achieve their goal, which is to kill every infidel who doesn’t flee or convert to Islam.”

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