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The tea party vs. "OccuMob" ~ Pat Boone hits it out of the park!

I don't know, but maybe Pat Boone reads my Facebook posts. Back on October 24, 2011, I wrote:
There is a big difference between the Tea Party movement and the Occupy Wall Street movement. While the tea partiers want to get the government off our backs so that the economy can thrive, ...the OWS movement is all about abolishing capitalism and giving government more control.
Whether or not Pat had read my posts (Pat and I ARE friends on facebook!), at least I know we are on the same page. Pat expounded (knowingly or unknowingly) on my theme for that post last Monday. There IS a huge difference between the Tea Party Movement and "OccuMob," as Pat called the Occupy Wall Street (astroturfed) movement.

Of course, you will remember when Pelosi and other Democrats accused the Tea Party Movement of being financed by unnamed sources, most likely "capitalists out to screw us all." However, Pat Boone not only accurately shows that the OccuMob was organized (astroturfed), he tells us how people in the "1%" that the Occupy Wallstreet Movement are targeting in the uprising are involved in actually funding and organizing the demonstrations.

This column is of extreme importance for one good reason: Not everyone will know that there is a difference between the Tea Party MOB and OccuMob. The mainstream media is not about to tell you about it. You're going to have to step up and tell people you know that there is a huge difference between the two movements. They won't hear it, otherwise. There is plenty of ammunition to expend that will come from Pat Boone's column. Make use of it! ... I'm just sayin'....

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The tea party vs. OccuMob

By Pat Boone

October 28, 2011 ~ 2:54 pm Eastern

© 2011

Heard just today on the radio, a newsman asking the "occupiers" in New York City why they were there and what was their purpose:

"F--- Wall Street! F---- politicians! F--- the rich! F--- the police!" was one answer, from one protester.

"Soak the rich b-----s. We want more money. Take it from Wall Street, and send the b-----s to jail!" was another.

"All politicians are criminals! So are the bankers! We demand our rights!" was a constantly repeated refrain. "Tax the rich!" was another.

Many of the demonstrators, some sleeping in tents and others right out in the open in sleeping bags and blankets, eating at improvised "soup kitchens," seemed vague when asked, not quite sure what the objectives were, but expressing anger at the status quo and "solidarity" with the other demonstrators, whatever the goals might be. Some carried signs handed to them by organizers, but couldn't explain exactly what their meaning was.

One young college student, obviously "playing hooky," observed, "This was fun for a couple days, but I've gotta get back to class. I'll do a report, and my professor will love it."

These protests, these "Occupy" demonstrations, just seemed to "spring up" spontaneously in city after city across the country … or so the compliant and empathetic media reported. A number of liberal TV commentators, and eventually even the vice president and President Obama himself, characterized the events as "evidence of widespread discontent" about the economy, joblessness and corruption on Wall Street. And they compared them to the tea-party phenomenon – as if all reading from the same script.

Tea party? Were they kidding? Were they serious?


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