Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Commie plot that put us in the red ~ By Diana West

In Blogging in Our Time 2 Escape, I do my best to provide you with the information in order to help you teach your children, and others, about the difference between capitalism and communism, and how one ideology promotes freedom while the other promotes tyranny. Fortunately, I have plenty of resources to lean on. Today, it is WND columnist Diana West that provides us with the information that helps to promote that goal. Along with Diana's column are several videos that I will be providing in my commentary below.

I learned in a segment on Fox and Friends with Tavis Smiley and Cornell West that since the 1960's, America has spent $16 Trillion to fight poverty, and yet, poverty has become even worse than when the government's war on poverty programs began.

What Diana West writes about in this column is important for us to know. Diana is right when she states "...how matter-of-fact we are in contemplating massive government interventions."  That statement struck me.  In this column, you will find out the reason why we've accepted the deficit spending plot, that is, if you read it closely enough.

It is important for your children and grandchildren to learn how deficit spending is destroying this country, especially when it comes to "fighting poverty." It doesn't work, nor has it ever. They aren't going to learn about this stuff at any time during their K-12 public school days, and probably not even during their days of collegiate curricula. So, it is up to you to teach them.

Diana West does an excellent job in this column to help you understand where the idea of all of this deficit spending came from. And now, I have found another video segment that supports what Diana has to say about the deficit spending.

[Diana West is the author of "The Death of the Grown-up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization," and blogs at dianawest.net]
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Commie plot that put us in the red

By Diana West

October 06, 2011 ~ 2:51 pm Eastern

© 2011

The most amazing aspects of the accelerating American submission to the state are: 1) how matter-of-fact we are in contemplating massive government interventions, such as President Barack Obama's latest stimulus "jobs" plan, and 2) how virtually no one notices the blatant Marxist overtones. When someone does, a la "Joe the Plumber" at the end of the 2008 campaign season, he or she is mocked off the stage.

President Obama demonstrated how this is done in January 2010 when, during an unusual White House meeting with congressional Republicans about his pending health-care legislation – another massive government intervention into the private sector – he declared: "If you were to listen to the debate, and, frankly, how some of you went after this bill, you'd think this thing was some Bolshevik plot."

I remember cringing when a smattering of applause arose from the GOP ranks, as though some Republicans actually believed the president had delivered a punch line revealing the absurdity of considering "Obamacare" a government apparatus for seizing control of the lives of citizens – which it is. And that's no joke.

I wish any Republican had replied: "Not necessarily a 'plot,' sir, but a program that is indeed 'Bolshevik' in conception, design and purpose nonetheless. Government control of private sector activity, as the American people well know (or should), is aptly described as 'Bolshevik' – or Marxist, socialist, collectivist, statist and, for that matter, fascist, too. Indeed, nationalized health care was one of the first programs enacted by the Bolsheviks after they seized power in 1917."


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