Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street and Madame Guillotine ~ By Phil Elmore

Phil Elmore writes about the great contrasts in what the "Occupy Wallstreet" movement groups want. The contrast is that the very people that all of this social upheaval is focused on are the ones that provide not just the jobs, but the very technology that the revolutionaries depend on. So, lop off their heads, you revolutionary mobs, and then watch not just the Blackberries, but the IPhones and everything else quit working.

What we have to worry about, I guess, is that Phil is right. Notice I didn't say, "IF he is right." And can I throw in one more point? Anyone that think it is the rich that are greedy is sadly mistaken. It is those that aren't willing to actually work to get ahead, that want more in return than they are worth, or willing to give, that are greedy. That pretty much defines most of those that want to disrupt life for the rest of us. It's just about greed.

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Occupy Wall Street and Madame Guillotine
By Phil Elmore

October 12, 2011 ~ 1:50 pm Eastern

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As the Internet and social media help increasingly well organized Marxist protesters bring their "Occupy Wall Street" mobs to cities across America, the sense that history is repeating could not be more keen. Not since French peasants dragged nobles to the guillotines have so many been so excited about emptying the pockets of so few.

In Glorious Leader Obama's America, this is not a fad, and it is not a passing trend. This is, instead, a cultural shift that sees whining entitlement, peevish jealousy and naked covetousness become the public norm for the liberal left and the Democratic Party in America.

A hilarious image posted online sums up the hypocrisy of the protesters, who snarl and growl about "evil corporations" while clothed in, decorated by, transmitted across and connected through the products of the capitalist industries they mindlessly condemn. Amusing as this may be, there is nothing funny about the proliferation of "occupy" protests. These demonstrations are blooming like fungus throughout our beleaguered nation. They are a threat to every productive citizen.


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