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Herman Cain is the real deal ~ By Tom Tancredo

Tom Tancredo brings up some great points about Herman Cain, including both his strengths and his weaknesses. Tom explains why he believes that Herman Cain satisfies the needed qualities of the next President of the United States in accordance with Ronald Reagan's three 'C's for qualification: character, competence and commitment. In Tom's words, "Herman Cain passes all three with flying colors, whereas Romney and Perry … not so much. "

I would add one more 'C': Conviction. I suppose that could fit within either character or commitment, or maybe it defines those twp qualities. Cain's conviction to his principles would easily help to explain his great amount of character and commitment!

The one weakness that is plaguing Herman Cain, which Tancredo comments on in this column, is Cain's political inexperience. That is definitely something that has to be overcome in the Cain campaign. However, if winning depends on political experience, we're in trouble. And yes, WIN we MUST, because we can't deal with another four years of Barack Obama. However, look what happened when we nominated a candidate with political experience that went on to win the White House for Republicans: i.e. Richard Nixon.

This is why Tancredo's column should be read from beginning to end: Not everything you will hear in the media about Cain's "weaknesses" (i.e. political experience) are necessarily going to disqualify Herman Cain as the top Republican candidate. I'm just sayin'... and so is Tom Tancredo.

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Herman Cain is the real deal

By Tom Tancredo

October 21, 2011 ~ 4:36 pm Eastern

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Herman Cain would make a great president of the United States. He is my candidate, and he has a good chance of becoming the candidate of the Republican Party.

Cain's only weakness is political inexperience, and that leads to mistakes in his campaign, but it is not a disqualification for the office. In fact, in the eyes of most voters, it is more a blessing than a curse.

Based on my 30 years in public life, I see three qualifications for public office and for the office of president. These three qualifications have nothing to do with "electability." Citizens, unlike professional campaign consultants, ask other questions before asking if a candidate is electable. Voters want to know what kind of leader he would be in the White House, and if he can't or won't lead us out of our current mess, then "electability" is irrelevant.

The three most essential qualifications for president are the same three qualifications used for selecting appointees in the Reagan administration in 1981. The Reagan White House wanted every appointee to meet three tests called the "three C's": character, competence and commitment. Herman Cain passes all three with flying colors, whereas Romney and Perry … not so much.

By all the evidence, Cain's character is stellar in every respect. He is truthful, honest, loyal, hardworking and forthright. He keeps his promises, and scandal has never touched him.

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