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The county that struck back against U.N. ~ By Henry Lamb

Toward the end of the column, Henry asks this question:
With a deficit of $1.65 trillion dollars, growing by billions of dollars every day, why are HUD, DOT and the EPA trying so hard to spend money the nation does not have, on a program that the nation does not need, that will impose government-mandated restrictions on behavior that the people do not want?
The quote above, along with this great column, should be enough to get a few people woken up to the fact that federal mandates are influenced by the U.N., and it is taking funds that we don't have in order to get states and local jurisdictions to bow down to globalists that we do not even elect.

The county that struck back against U.N.
By Henry Lamb

September 30, 2011 ~ 3:16 pm Eastern

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Editor's note: Listen to this column online.

Local governments have two fundamental responsibilities: 1) protect the rights of the citizens; and 2) provide the services the citizens authorize. To meet these responsibilities, local elected officials must look to the future and anticipate what services their citizens may want, and construct plans to meet those needs. This kind of planning will be referred to as Planning 101.

Since 1992, with the emergence of Agenda 21, the entire concept of planning has undergone a major transformation. This new kind of planning will be referred to as Planning 102. Planning 102 is not concerned about protecting the rights of citizens. Planning 102 is not concerned with what services the citizens of a community might want in the future. Planning 102 is the art of transforming existing communities into the utopian communities envisioned in Agenda 21, and shoe-horning local citizens into them.

This process began in 1993 with President Clinton's executive order that created the President's Council on Sustainable Development, which focused primarily on transforming urban centers into "sustainable communities." The process continues now, with President Obama's executive order that created the White House Rural Council, which focuses primarily on the 16 percent of the population who live on 80 percent of the rural landscape.


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