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To save America, 1st vote the Dems out ~ By Alan Keyes

In one his best columns, Alan Keyes brings up some points that we need to be aware of and then remember this November.

First, we don't dare set ourselves up for disappointment. Regardless of how many seats the Republicans take back in the House and Senate, even if it was possible to get the majority in the Senate, it would be virtually impossible to gain enough seats to be able to override vetoes of any bills that repeal what Obama and his minions have done so far. As Alan wrote, "Even if opponents of the Obama faction's totalitarian health takeover scheme cobble together a clear congressional majority, any repeal legislation would certainly be vetoed by the present occupant of the White House."

And second, keep in mind that the lame duck Congress will do their best to ram through all the Progressive/Marxist agenda that they can before the end of the year and their terms. In other words, as Alan says, just concentrate on defeating as many of the leftist Democrats as possible this Fall. We will hopefully get many Constitutional Conservatives in, and Progressives out.

And in the meantime, while it looks good for Republicans to take back the House and close the gap considerably in the Senate this Fall, we must not let up. I'll guarantee that Obama and his minions will push back very strongly in the remaining time before the election. They will use every trick in the book, including blatant lies through their state-controlled propaganda machine (the mainstream media), and possibly do some cheating in the election as much as possible (via ACORN). Don't let up! Just sayin'...

I fully realize that some of the alternative candidates will in one way or another be Obama faction fellow travelers, Republicans or conservatives in name only, deeply sympathetic to the anti-American stands Obama cohorts take in favor of lax border security, amnesty for illegals and government-controlled access to health care. I fully realize that all too many openly or covertly accept the unprincipled abandonment of the ideas of unalienable, God-given right on which constitutional, democratic self-government is based.

But if in November voters send the Democrats packing in a big way, as a matter of fact and perception the result will seriously limit the ability of the socialist fellow travelers to advocate and pursue their agenda. For a while, at least, they will be politically fearful and constrained. The likely Republican majority that results from such an outcome will be under the gun strenuously to push back against the Obama faction's subversive agenda. If they fail to do so, the naked truth about the sham two-party system will become starkly, incontrovertibly clear...

By Alan Keyes

Posted: July 16, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

A solid majority of Americans appear to be reaching conclusions that reject the web of lies, suppression of facts and wishful thinking that subverted the 2008 election. They are realizing that this subversion process handed power over the U.S. government to a gaggle of committed, anti-American Marxists bent on overturning government of, by and for the people, to establish a factional party dictatorship with virtually unlimited sway over all the key political, economic and social aspects of American life.

From health care to jobs, from housing to energy, Obama and his faction beguiled many Americans with promises of good things for all people. Under the enlightened hand of the Obama faction, the U.S. government would offer everyone access to a new and improved health-care system, along with the job of their dreams and the home of their dearest aspirations. Electing the first "black" president, America would forever transcend its bitter and divisive racial past. We would move beyond group divisions, beyond even the narrow vision of merely national identity.

Not as prideful Americans, but as self-esteeming human beings we would accept a new identity as citizens of the world. We would forego our false ambition of world leadership to welcome our equal place in a conclave of humanity. We would abandon the false ideas of American exceptionalism that in the past impelled us to such misguided crimes against humanity as the war in Vietnam or the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. We would learn to look past the episodes of manmade disaster (no longer called terrorism) produced by the understandably violent reaction against our misdeeds, in order to respect and placate the otherwise historically peace-loving people of the Islamic world.

With the self-righteous arrogance almost uniformly characteristic of those who see themselves at the forefront of history, Obama and his factional cohorts continue to hawk these wares. But the looming facts of debt, decline and devolution have lifted the veil of well-intentioned wishful thinking that for a time clouded the minds of the Americans who provided the Obama faction its winning edge in 2008.

More and more people every day question the suppression of facts about Obama's background; reject the embrace of totalitarian government implied in such things as his faction's scheme to establish U.S. government control of access to health care; decry the evidence of self-serving racial preference in the Obama clique's administration of justice; and discern the agenda for unlimited power that drives every proposal, every appointment and every action it takes. More and more people have begun to consider or share in the suspicion that mishandling of the nation's finances, the costly procrastination in response to the gulf oil-spill disaster and record U.S. casualties in Afghanistan aren't the result of inexperience and incompetence. They are the natural fruit of lifelong hostility toward the ideas and moral principles that have forged the historic success whereby the very existence of the United States refutes the Marxist delusion. More and more people are looking at the Obama faction, its tools and fellow travelers and what they see is haunted by the yet unspoken thought "We have met the enemy, and it is they."

As a result, many people eagerly anticipate the opportunity offered by the periodic elections that are a key feature of the Constitution the Obama people love to hate. They greet with satisfaction reports that so-called Obamacare might be challenged and even repealed before next November. I understand how they feel. But the reality implied by the provisions of the Constitution militates against such a possibility. Even if opponents of the Obama faction's totalitarian health takeover scheme cobble together a clear congressional majority, any repeal legislation would certainly be vetoed by the present occupant of the White House.

That situation will be true with respect to every piece of legislation the Obama faction manages to pass (or deems to have passed), even in the lame duck session of Congress that follows the November election. Americans convinced that the Obama faction's Marxist juggernaut must be stopped need to consider this fact very carefully. I believe it has an inescapable political implication for anyone sincerely committed to that objective. There is only one outcome in November that can stay the hands now at work to destroy the American way of life. It will not be enough to cut back the Democratic Party's congressional delegation. The Democrats have proven to be the eager tools of the Obama faction's Marxist takeover. To save the American way of life, the Democrats must cease to be a significant presence in the Senate and the House. The forces that oppose the totalitarian socialist subversion of the republic need a veto-proof majority in both Houses of Congress.


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