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Idiots in high places ~ By Barry Farber

I first heard about the possible deportation of Mosab Hassan Yousef in a column by Joseph Farah back in early June. So, Barry Farber has it exactly right about the idiots in high places, and it is unbelievable that Janet Napolitano was given the job as Secretary of Homeland Security. (And, what a bunch of morons in the Senate who confirmed her for the position!)  It is even more unbelievable she hasn't yet been replaced! Oh, wait, there probably is a plausible reason for why Obama hasn't gotten rid of her yet. Obama needs another crisis, so he needs to keep her in the position of "securing the homeland," and probably assuring that the United States is attacked again.

And while reading this column, I had a thought that made me chuckle. I realized what an ironic twist it was that Obama picked Napolitano for the job of the Secretary of Homeland Security, because it was when she opted to take the assignment, meaning that she had to resign as Governor of Arizona. And we all know what that lead to. As Arizona Secretary of State, Jan Brewer was next in line to become Governor to finish the term. Yes, so Obama gets his DHS boss who is probably even dumber than Joe Biden, leaving his worst nightmare, Jan Brewer, down in Arizona to sign S.B. 1070. What an ironic twist of fate! Just sayin'...

And the media covering all this with a straight face is just as scary as the espionage-illiterate Napolitano. Doesn't she have anybody around her with the brains and guts to say, "Hey, Chief! Maybe this guy deserves a high-five and not a heave-ho!"

The Department of Homeland Security, according to American media reports, withdrew its deportation demand without explanation. Bravo! Once, an Italian invasion unit involved in NATO exercises mistakenly landed in Kristianstad, Sweden, instead of the intended Kristiansund, Norway. Sweden isn't even a member of NATO. Oops, wrong country!

And the Italians never even offered to explain why they quickly withdrew.

Would you?

By Barry Farber

Posted: July 07, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

America's economy is in bad shape. But the country's economy is in better shape than its mentality.

In the 1850s, a traveling theatrical group arrived in the beautiful mountain town of Asheville, N.C., for a series of performances. They hired some local people to help with props, stage settings, etc. The first act ended with a massacre; one of the actors pulled out a gun and shot four other actors who fell to the floor. And the curtain descended.

One of the local men burst out upon stage and yelled, "I live in this town. I ain't no traveling actor, and I gotta tell you this whole damned thing is a fraud. Those people ain't dead. Why, the minute that curtain fell, they all got right back up and dusted themselves off, and now they're all back there walking around just like you and me!"

Not exactly a good advertisement for the mentality of that era and area, but chillingly neck-and-neck with the mentality of the American government today. Mosab Hassan Yousef is the now-famous son of the founder of the terrorist group Hamas who pretended to be a terrorist himself but was secretly spying for Israel. His book, "Son of Hamas," describes his work pretending to be a loyal Jew-hating terrorist while feeding vital information to Israel's Shin Bet agency the whole time, and finally converting to Christianity and warning about the evils of Islamic terrorism.

In a shameful and breathtaking burst of ignorance, Janet Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security sought to have Yousef deported. Why? Well, there it was in black and white: He admitted in his book that he worked closely with Hamas! If Napolitano's deportation demand had gone through, and if Yousef could obtain excellent disguise, he might remain alive five minutes after his arrival back in the Middle East. And it was only after a cadre of sane and intelligent Americans, led by former CIA Director James Woolsey and Colorado Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn and his GOP colleagues, came storming to the rescue that Napolitano "got it" and dropped the deportation effort.

This is the most alarming lack of sophistication in government I can remember. Of course, Yousef "worked with Hamas," you irredeemable idiots! That's what spies do. They pretend to be on the side they're not on in order to be trusted so they can shovel more information to the side they are on; in this case, our side. I recall when we understood the two-plus-two-equals-four of world affairs. The unswerving stupidity of the Department of Homeland Security makes me want to plunge into the nostalgia tank and forget about coming up for air. There was something called communism, the Soviet Union, Moscow – you remember, Janet; it was in all the papers. Whenever anybody – forget spies on our side – whenever anybody escaped communism and made it to America, he got asylum as reliably as detergent boxes back then offered free glassware.

If I were a congressman or a senator and Janet Napolitano were the one we were "hearing," I'd ask her if she thought James Cagney, Vincent Price, Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre should be locked up because they played bad guys in movies. If she responded in the negative, I'd ask her to explain the difference between any one of them and the valiant and valuable Yousef "acting" as a loyal Hamas follower, complete with gun, hanging out with his dad over at Yasser Arafat's. And, by the way, saving countless Israeli and American lives.


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