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The next tea party ~ By Joseph Farah

After some careful thought, I decided to post this column. Actually, it wasn't a matter of whether or not I would post it, but what I thought about the idea. I've decided that I would not write about what I thought of the idea, but let you make your own decision. And then, you should send an email to Joseph to let him know what YOU think about his idea.

Joseph asks, "Is there something more we can do to raise the stakes, to energize more Americans, to rally the troops and awaken others who are still sleepwalking?" That's a great question. I still keep running into people that have very little idea what the tea party movement is about, or for that matter, have very little clue about what is going wrong in America. About the only things they are aware of is how bad the economy is (and that it is George W. Bush's fault), and the oil spill (and why hasn't BP plugged the hole yet?). And why is that? It is because not enough of us that have a clue are working hard enough to clue in the clueless!

What more can we do to rally the troops and energize more Americans? How about if all of us do as much as possible to communicate with people, whether it's on our blogs, by email, face to face conversations with friends, relatives and neighbors, posting to our facebook or My Space pages, on twitter, on youtube, and etc. etc. etc. Spread the word in what ever form you can, but we all MUST  chip in. Just sayin'...

By the way, don't forget about the Restoring Honor Rally on 8/28/10 that Glenn Beck has been working so very hard on. Information about the rally can be found at the above link.

As for me, I don't think it should be business as usual on the first Monday in October. But I'm eager to hear what others think. Is this the next tea party?
By Joseph Farah

Posted: July 10, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

The tea-party movement has demonstrated its size and strength in a thousand rallies, demonstrations and town-hall meetings.

The action today is focused on traditional political campaigning leading up to Nov. 2 election – as it should be.

But what else can we do?

What else, if anything, should we do?

I am of the belief that most of my colleagues in the media, and those in the political establishment, are still underestimating the electoral revolution we will see this fall. I don't want to detract in the slightest from the work that needs to be done in every congressional district and every precinct in America. It's important work. It's hard work. It's vital work.

The 2010 midterm election is, as has been said by many, the most important such vote Americans have participated in during the last 100 years. It could fundamentally change the country's direction – an objective that is necessary for the nation's very survival.

But is there anything else we should consider doing between now and then as a show of force?

Is there something more we can do to raise the stakes, to energize more Americans, to rally the troops and awaken others who are still sleepwalking?

I'm just thinking out loud here, so consider this idea just that – a radical idea perhaps worthy of consideration.

What about a one-day general strike by citizens in protest of the purposeful destruction of the American Dream, the rule of law and the will of the people?

What if, just prior to the election, perhaps on the first Monday in October, the day the U.S. Supreme Court traditionally reconvenes following its summer vacation, millions of ordinary, hard-working Americans, who don't get the whole summer off, didn't report for work?

What if business owners who fear for the future of their country closed up shop on that day and encouraged all employees to rally at city halls and state capitals and in the District of Columbia?

What if those taking the day off spent the day handing out fliers and knocking on doors for congressional candidates pledged to return American to its constitutional moorings?

What if we effectively shut down the nation so Americans could get a taste of what's coming if we don't change course in a hurry?

I'm not necessarily calling for it. I'm just putting it on the table for discussion.

Would it work? Would Americans participate? If they did, would it generate more interest and participation in the election? Would it persuade Americans still sitting on the fence to join the revolution?

This may sound like a radical idea. But the first tea party in Boston Harbor was a dramatic act of civil disobedience. I'm sure there were many who sat on the sidelines and said, "This is going to be counterproductive. We should stick to writing petitions to the king and Parliament."

At some point, though, when the powers that be continue to ignore those petitions, continue to ignore the peaceful rallies, continue to ignore the public-opinion surveys, continue to ignore each and every new election, you have to raise the stakes.

Is this the way?


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