Monday, July 27, 2015

Has Trump awakened the sleeping giant? ~ By David Limbaugh

From within the commentary by David Limbaugh:
People are horrified and furious that Obama is destroying America at an ever-accelerating pace and that our cultural rot proceeds apace. They are tired of hearing excuses and empty promises from Republicans.

Trump is having none of it, and he is calling out Obama and the Republicans who are trying to tone him down – and it’s abundantly refreshing.

Meanwhile, the media continue to make Trump’s statements the issue instead of Obama’s daily – and I mean daily – outrages.
Here are my thoughts on this: "Houston, we have a problem." That problem has a name, and it is Donald Trump. He isn't playing by the rules, and Americans are loving it. Not so much the Republican Party. As David explains, Trump is resonating with many Republican voters because he IS taking on the Establishment Republicans AND the liberal media. And meanwhile, the GOP Establishment knows that if Trump leaves the party and runs as an Independent in 2016, it would put Shrillary, or someone like her (or worse, think: Bernie Sanders), in the White House.

Well, guess what? It seems that Trump can make his brash statements, and the more the other candidates jump on Donald for what he says, the more Trump's numbers go up. He's not afraid of his personal beliefs becoming public.

This has to be driving the political analysts nuts. The media pundits don't seem to have an answer, and neither do the campaign managers in both parties. That's easy to understand, isn't it? They just don't get it!
Notably, it is not just Donald Trump who is speaking out. Sen. Ted Cruz is fearlessly and brilliantly articulating mainstream conservatism, and he’s pulling no punches. The same is true of some of the other candidates. Cruz and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina are both putting on clinics on how to deal with media interviews – refusing to cede the narrative and hitting back hard against Democratic extremism.
If We the People really want somebody that is not afraid to speak out, Donald Trump is going to be the choice as of now.  It may be a good idea for other Republicans to actually say what they are thinking, too, and not back off when the critics attack. It's called sticking to your words.  Staying away from attacking other Republicans in the field would be the best strategy.  Just sayin'...

UPDATE August 1, 2015

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Has Trump awakened the sleeping giant?
Silent majority not going to tolerate GOP cowardice much longer
David Limbaugh

By David Limbaugh

Thursday, July 23, 2015

From Commentary

The professional hand-wringers are freaking out over Donald Trump’s straight talk while displaying abysmal indifference to the deserved targets of Trump’s charges. The United States is incinerating, but all they can think about is Trump’s heated rhetoric.

Trump is resonating because, as a presidential candidate, he is giving public voice to many of the concerns that have Americans beside themselves. Some commentators have called attention to these issues for years, but it’s different when a candidate does it, especially a Republican candidate.

Democratic candidates have no fear of making controversial statements or even of taking extreme positions, because the liberal media agree with them and will avoid putting them in a bad light. But Republicans know that the media will exploit any opportunity to vilify them.

Republicans also feel pressure from the GOP establishment to pull their punches – not to say anything that would make them look too conservative, too extreme, too uncaring, too out of step with the popular culture. “Don’t sound judgmental. Moderate your words. Be respectful toward President Obama. And above all, don’t sound like one of those crazies.”

Then Donald Trump comes along and breaks all the rules. He is not beholden to anyone for funding, and he’s not a string puppet for any feckless political consultants.

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