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Jade Helm Will Be In My Town Next Week ~ By Devvy Kidd

From within the article by Devvy:
There is a difference between hysteria and being concerned and wanting answers. This article is also typical of what's been swirling around the Internet:

Chronology Of All ANP Jade Helm 15 Articles, Related Walmart Closings, And Military Movement Across America

"Since March 13, 2015 when All News PipeLine received and published the leaked Jade Helm 15 documents, a firestorm blew throughout the internet with Alternative Media exposing every possible connection, theory, danger and highlighting other disturbing military training exercises happening on US soil, many Americans have "woken up" to the very real possibility that the US government is actively preparing to lock down the country and declare martial law, whether it will happen during these planned exercises from July to September, or if these exercises are just one of the preparations for a later event.

"Below we will list the chronology of ANP coverage on Jade Helm by both Stefan Stanford, Susan Duclos and a reader submission, the strange announcement of multiple Walmart closings, some in Jade Helm states and the possible connection to Jade Helm, and the massive military movement being seen across America since Jade Helm was exposed to the public."

The link above has a whole list of stories about Jade Helm; no need to duplicate them here.
This article by Devvy Kidd is a good one for people to read that are not aware of JADE HELM 15. If you aren't yet familiar with JADE HELM 15, don't feel bad, it isn't something that is discussed on any of the mainstream news sources, not even on Fox News Channel (that I've seen, and I watch a lot of Fox News!).  However, you can find a treasure-trove of information on the alternative news sources and talk radio.
The Internet has been raging like an inferno over this large special ops joint exercise to be held July 15 - September 15, 2015. I've read dozens and news items about Jade Helm. Web sites and radio hosts whipping people into a frenzy. On April 30, 2015, Dave Hodges, posted this: Closed Walmarts To Be Guerilla Warfare Staging Areas in Response to Invasion
Here is a video on youtube from TRUTHstreammedia:

I guess that you couldn't include me in the "whipped into a frenzy" crowd, but that doesn't mean that I don't have some particular concerns, some that Devvy covered in this column. My words of caution is that you need to be sure you aren't whipped into a frenzy just so some entrepreneur out there can sell more survival gear to you.

Thankfully, we do have that First Amendment, that pesky clause of the document that the Elites of the Shadow Government and New World Order would rather we didn't have. We can consider ourselves fortunate that we are free to gather and disseminate information, and free to listen to talk radio hosts, even if it is Alex Jones ( Just sayin'...

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Jade Helm Will Be In My Town Next Week

By Devvy Kidd

July 12, 2015


I live in Big Spring (West) Texas between Midland and Lubbock. Much to the shock of many in our small town, in April we found out Big Spring will be a 'Jade Helm 15' exercise location.

In early May military helicopters started flying over my house here and there for about a week. I speculated they were looking at the terrain for training spots. Although, I guess according to this article I'm supposed to be terrorized:

Jade Helm Personnel Are Terrorizing Small Texas Communities: "Residents of Big Spring, Texas are reporting the “scarysight of helicopters and tanks arriving in advance of Jade Helm, a military exercise that has prompted concerns amongst some that U.S. troops are preparing for civil unrest in America."

I have not seen any tanks. Yet. Texans scared of a few helicopters flying over? It does happen every once in a while. About 90 miles south of here is San Angelo where Goodfellow AFB is located and 120 miles east of here is Abeline where Dyess AFB is located. We don't swoon over a few helicopters.

We were not told about this 'event' until it was a done deal. While I wouldn't say there was a revolt, some are upset and vocal about it; hard to guess how many. Our idiot mayor told the local rag newspaper military officials had negotiated contracts with local landowners to conduct Jade Helm 15 exercises. No landowners are being forced to have training on their property. Any training on public land was worked out with regional authorities. A couple of landowners were quoted in the newspaper saying they would refuse to allow any military exercises on their land - not even for money. Hard to say how many also took that position.

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