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George Will explains why America’s top conservative commentators love baseball ~ By Jamie Weinstein

George Will, Conservative Commentator and Journalist
Conservatism is about facts and realism, and baseball is rich in facts,” he explained.”Baseball is the sport that most rewards knowing lots about it. You can enjoy the NBA without knowing very much about basketball because of the sheer balletic extraordinariness of the athletes who play it. You can enjoy football for the sheer spectacle of it. Baseball it really helps to know what’s going on.

So I think conservatives are people who want to understand things,” he continued. “Conservatives are the world’s foremost empiricists. They are interested in facts, data. Baseball is rich in that.
This article isn't saying that you have to be a Conservative to love baseball. It is a sport that is loved by many people of different political ideologies.  It's great that folks can get together and have a common interest.  It's fun!

That is not my biggest reason, as a Conservative, for loving the sport, however.   So many people have succeeded in professional baseball, as an announcer or in team management, or even as high school baseball coaches or as authors writing books about baseball, baseball provides many people an opportunity to succeed.  I guess many sports do that, now that I think of it. 

George Will is right about it.  It is the large quantity of stats in baseball that are so fun to analyze.  But just when you think you figured it all out, there will always be anomalies. Things happen that shouldn't have happened, according to the stats.  With all the stats that are now at our fingertips, there is still no way to predict game results with absolute certainty. 

Like baseball, politics can also be unpredictable.   It's going to be that kind of year in the pre-election 2016 season.  There may be surprises.  Rookies in the political arena may shine. We'll see.  Just sayin'...

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George Will explains why America’s top conservative commentators love baseball
Jamie Weinstein

By Jamie Weinstein

April 23, 2014 @ 11:58 PM

From The Daily Caller

What is it with conservative commentators and baseball?

Some of the most noted conservative opinionators love the sport with a passion that can sometimes be mistaken for lunacy. During The Daily Caller’s interview with legendary conservative commentator George Will about his new book on baseball, “A Nice Little Place on the North Side: Wrigley Field at One Hundred,” we asked him to explain the connection, if any, between conservatism and baseball.

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