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Don't Mix Turkey and Politics ~ By Sonnie Johnson

Don’t use Thanksgiving as an “I told you so” occasion. Look at the people that surround you, this is your family, by blood or by choice. Appreciate them. Find out about their lives and if there is something you can do to help. Congratulate them in their success and give them encouraging words to lift them from failure.

In short, don’t talk about your politics but act upon your principles. We are going to spend the next two years wrapped up in another political campaign. We are going to have plenty of time to disagree and fight. Take this time to understand, we are not fighting an enemy to the death, we are trying to shape the course of a nation with our family and friends.
While watching The Five yesterday on the Fox News Channel, I was introduced to Sonnie Johnson and this column. She is a winner, and so is this great column! It's something for us to consider tomorrow when we're together with family and friends. Don't create controversy. Just eat some turkey!

Now for those of you that don't know about Sonnie, let me introduce you to her:

Sonnie Johnson, CEO of Change the Game, interviewed by Jamie Glazov

Yeah, she's pretty cool, and she knows her stuff. She's the CEO of Change the Game ( She's conservative, and she tells it like it is for the black people of America. And she probably won't be making the liberals very happy, either. Oh, there was something she wrote (that I think was actually part of the discussion on The Five), which was her very recent column, "10 Questions Citizens of #Ferguson Should Ask Outside Agitators." Very profound, and interesting, because I had just been discussing that subject with a friend the night before. Anyway, being that Sonnie is now on our radar, you'll be hearing a lot from her in the future.

One last thing. With the holidays and various inflictions being spread around due to the nasty weather of Winter, there may be some times in the next month that the posts here could be somewhat sparse. Call it the "Lame Duck Months" of November and December following a national election, there are also fewer people online at this time, and I see a significant decline in readers and viewers of my work here. Yes, I will still do what I do during this time, though there may be periodic gaps when I just can't get a lot done. And following the troubles in Ferguson, Missouri, is probably more than I can deal with on my own. I was overwhelmed with just too much information, and I found myself being a victim of news-junkie overload.

But thanks to Sonnie Johnson, I found myself again motivated to do what I could today, and then we'll take a little break from politics for a few days. That will be SO nice. There is much to be thankful for this year, and many people to keep in our prayers. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! And I'm not just sayin'...

Don't Mix Turkey and Politics
Sonnie Johnson

By Sonnie Johnson

Published November 24, 2014

From Change the Game (

If you watch Red Eye, you know how I feel about mixing alcohol and politics. Don’t do it. It's a recipe for disaster, at least if you are talking to me. I tend to not care a single iota about your feelings or reasoning and an intelligent conversation is impossible.

I have the same tendency towards mixing turkey and politics. Conservatives have to learn to be tactical. We can’t be starting a fight over the cranberry sauce because we are upset Obama wrote an executive order granting amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens. When your great aunt Lucy complains about her back pain, don’t blame it on Obamacare. Don’t divide the mashed potatoes to demonstrate the 46% of Americans that don’t pay a Federal income tax. You look like the jackass at the table.

The reverse is also true for the Progressives. Don’t spend 45 minutes preaching on the fuel efficiency of your Prius. No, our thoughts should not stay focused on all the third world countries that would never see such a feast. Please, Please don’t bring up any subject that involves your vagina.

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