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Black America has a Choice to Make ~ By Sonnie Johnson

But I also know Mike Brown didn’t walk on water. He was raised in a system that taught him to hate the police and that they were to be treated as suspect. He had no value in the life of Darren Wilson and that was his Achilles heel. Darren Wilson had a reason to live and he wasn’t going to go quietly. I have a family that is my reason for living and I wouldn’t go quietly either. That’s a colorless value I can never ignore.

So whom do I feel sorry for? Which side do I take? Neither, I know too much to play this game. In fact, I Change the Game. Black America has a choice to make. This year they have seen the outcome of following the Progressives. Next year, I will show them the outcome of following a conservative. I promise we will only burn down buildings with the intention of rebuilding them.
Sonnie will have plenty of allies who happen to be successful, Conservative, and black, such as Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, and of course, our friend Zo (Alfonzo Rachel), and many more.  She won't be alone, and she will have a lot of material to back up her beliefs. 

Despite having a large number of Conservatives of all races that will be cheering her on, and applauding her obvious aptitude for being a great columnist, Sonnie Johnson will also have to deal with a crowd that isn't quite so pleased with her efforts. In a column by Caroline Schaeffer (about 6 months ago), "Stacey Dash Hired By Fox News, Liberals Once Again Expose Their Intolerance For Black Conservatives," you'll see an excellent illustration of how the left treats blacks that have succeeded on their own merits:
Liberals were quick to expose their intolerance of a minority who holds conservative views, calling her a “token” and “self-hating.” The idea that she is a smart, engaging commentator who is appreciated for her contributions? Impossible, they say! It’s only about her race!
The problem for Sonnie, and for all of us on the Conservative side, is that the progressive mentality is already baked into the minds of those that we aim to assist in an attitude adjustment. We can do it, but it might take several generations.  That old pendulum takes awhile to swing from slavery to freedom to tyranny to slavery and back to freedom.  It takes time.  But hey, Sonnie Johnson, keep on keeping on!  And always remember this:

The average American is always gong to be afraid to be "different," but once they know that they aren't alone, it's a game changer.  And that goes just fine with, "Change the Game."  Just sayin'...

Black America has a Choice to Make
Sonnie Johnson

By Sonnie Johnson

Published November 26, 2014

From Change the Game (

They did it. Progressives kept to their word and burned Ferguson to the ground. The National Guard was held back, while the St. Louis suburbs were set on fire and businesses were looted and destroyed. Shots were fired in the direction of police and law enforcement filled the air with tear gas. Oh what a Progressive legacy…

Who am I supposed to feel sorry for? The tension in Ferguson didn’t spring up over night. If the people of Ferguson would have a good relationship with the police force, they wouldn’t have been ready to riot with a single spark. This entire situation would have been prevented if the citizens and law enforcement didn’t look at each other like suspects.

But that’s the mold Progressive America has created. The police are hit with government statistics that paint black males as violent criminals. They are forced to act upon those statistics. Therefore, they look at black males with more caution.

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