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Time 2 Escape WIFLI for Sunday, Jan 15, 2012

Thanks to Patrice Lewis for the motivating words she wrote in her column on Friday, I was in the mood, or as I'm now saying, in the WIFLI mode, today. Yesterday... umm... not so much.

While in the WIFLI mode today, I found the columns of both Patrice Lewis and Henry Lamb. I felt the need to explain the relationship between the two. It took me awhile before I discovered the treasure right in front of me.

And the BIG story is right in front of us ALL!

I probably hit the nail right on the head in my previous rant two days ago when I talked about how the media discusses the art of destroying a wonderful individual because of his core beliefs. The poster boy of being able to deflect or absorb personal attacks, of course, would be Tim Tebow. And, in the mean time, we have this conflict going on in the Republican Party for a 2012 nominee, where it seems the only answer to political aggression is an aggressive counter-attack.

Don't you wish GOP candidates
- or, at least... one of them - had the commitment and tenacity of a guy like Tim Tebow? (Or Herman Cain awhile back?)

I am very afraid of what this coming election in November 2012 will bring us. Can any of the remaining GOP candidates survive an onslaught of attacks from each other, along with from the media?

Yes, today was one of those WIFLI days. But I understand how Patrice Lewis feels when nothing is providing a spark to write SOMETHING. But while credit can be given to Tim Tebow and Patrice Lewis for getting me to write today, they were just the tools God used to get us motivated at this time. I'm just sayin'...

*     *     *     *
The News Stories:

Patriots beat Broncos 45-10, advance in playoffs
No go for Tebow: Brady ties playoff record with 6 touchdown passes
From WND ~ Published Jan 15, 2012

After seemingly captivating the nation with his magical performance in last week’s wild-card win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Broncos QB Tim Tebow wasn’t a factor on this night...   READ MORE
Was this any more of a stupid story than this related article?
It worked for Charlie Sheen, so can a dose of good ol’ Salem witchcraft help Tom Brady exorcize Tim Tebow tomorrow night?
And apparently, it unfortunately worked.... Really?  No, I think people like Tim won this round!

*     *     *     *
Columnists and Their Commentaries:

Professional politician; inept President
From ~ By Henry Lamb ~ January 15, 2012

Several of the Republican candidates have said that the 2012 elections are the most important elections in our lifetime. They are. The current powers in Washington, most of the media, as well as academia, want the nation to abandon, or at least, to reinterpret the U.S. Constitution to justify the Marxist idea that government should manage society. These folks are winning the battle.

They're winning because they've been working at it for a century. "They" are the progressives, like Barack Hussein Obama, who actually believe that government is a better manager of society and the economy than are free people in a free market. Obama apparently believes that his position endows him with the wisdom to make right decisions, regardless of the fact that he has had no real-life experience at anything other than organizing street protests.   READ MORE
And here is another profound excerpt from Henry's great commentary that I am emphasizing:
His adoring press amplified Obama's criticism of the Republican-controlled House for not approving his jobs bill, which included a healthy tax increase. "We can't wait," was his cry to the public. He failed to mention that the Republican House had passed more than 20 jobs bills that the Democrat-controlled Senate refused to even consider. He failed to mention that more than 20,000 jobs were left awaiting only his approval on the Keystone Pipeline project — studied for more than three years by the EPA.

~      ~      ~

Tebowing for life
Exclusive: Patrice Lewis hates football but loves the light QB is shining
From WND Opinion ~ By Patrice Lewis ~ Published Friday, Jan 13, 2012

Sometimes it’s hard to write a column every single week. Sometimes an idea “sings” to me and I can pound out a column in an hour. Other times it’s like pulling teeth.

This week it was pulling teeth. I had a couple of concepts, but nothing that “sang” to me enough to put it on paper and make logical sense of it.

Then late Thursday night I read an article about Tim Tebow, the Denver Bronco’s quarterback, and I knew I had my subject.    READ MORE
(Hey, Patrice, I know the feeling about writing on a regular basis, especially on a set schedule! The ideas don't always come to me, either.  That was why I had to change the name of my posts from "Time 2 Escape Daily" to "Time 2 Escape WIFLI".  I found it more honest to call my posts "When I Feel Like It!" ...  Oh, and by the way, I wonder if the article about Tim Tebow that Patrice saw was this one? I included that one in my WIFLI on Friday. Or, perhaps it is the blog that I am including below?)

*     *     *     *

From the Blogs:

Tebow in the Termite Mound
From Out of Order: the Blog ~ By Dale ~ Thursday, January 12, 2012

In the Babylon of Daniel the prophet, worshiping the wrong God openly got you a one-way ticket to the Lion's Den. The same offense today gets you thrown into America's leftist media Termite Mound. Bill Maher, Bill Press and their ilk are to our social fabric what the termite is to architecture. The two Bills spearheaded the recent vicious attacks on Tim Tebow. His crime, he openly loves Jesus.   READ MORE

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UPDATE: Wait, there is one last thing I need to add to this WIFLI!

The miracle that is today
From The Daily Motivator ~ By Ralph Marston ~ Saturday, January 14, 2012

Open your eyes, open your heart, and see the miracle that is today. Feel how good and powerful it feels to be alive.

You don’t have to wait for some distant, imagined time before you can relish the sweet, profound experience of being fully alive. Because right now, today, in this place, in this situation, the miracle of your life is here for you to live.   READ MORE

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