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Time 2 Escape Daily for Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012

As I am finishing the production of this issue, Rush Limbaugh is defending what he said yesterday that sparked the lead column in today's issue. The topic of today turns out to be whether some of the Republicans have begun an anti-capitalist theme in order to defeat Romney... I don't know what they think they are doing. Are you kidding me? Aren't the Republican candidates supposed to be trying to impress the Tea Party wing of the GOP rather than the Occupy Wall Street wing of the Communist Party?

Well, of course, most of today's columns that I've linked to will help explain why I'm a little ticked off that Republicans are eating their own, and using Progressive talking points to do so.

But yet, I think you might see a correlation between the first of the links on this page to the very last one, because I did. What Ralph Marston wrote in his Daily Motivator was very relevant to every one of the columns listed here today... especially the one about the Sacketts, a story that is about the amount of unconstitutional authority that had been allowed to a federal agency. Now that this story is out, more people will start waking up. As Ralph Marston suggests, "Instead, use this moment to break the pattern."

I could have posted this edition late last night, but I anticipated that many of you were busy watching the football game, because I was. I'm just sayin'...

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The News Stories:

Rush Limbaugh predicts 2012 outcome
Radio host says pollsters wrong about presidential race
From WND ~ By Joe Kovacs ~ Published Monday, Jan 9, 2012

PALM BEACH, Fla. – While polls across America show Barack Obama in a tight race for president with potential Republican nominees, top-rated radio host Rush Limbaugh doesn’t think the outcome of the race will even be close.

If the election were today, it would be a landslide loss,” Limbaugh said this afternoon. “Let me define landslide: five to seven points. It’d be big. It would be huge.

Make no mistake about it,” he continued. “Of this I am as confident as anything. I know it’s not reflected anywhere else in the media and it’s not reflected too many other places in conservative media. But I’m telling you, he’s toast. Just as Jimmy Carter was toast, and nobody knew it until election night [in 1980]."    READ MORE

WND Exclusive ~ Supremes: EPA actions ‘outrageous’
Argument comes in dispute over agency threats to Idaho family
From WND ~ By Bob Unruh ~ Posted Monday, Jan 9, 2012

The government’s actions in a dispute between the Environmental Protection Agency and a husband and wife targeted by the agency when they bought a residential lot in Idaho and started building their dream home are both “outrageous” and “very strange.”

There were comments today from justices on the U.S. Supreme Court about the Environmental Protection Agency’s actions in a fight with Mike and Chantell Sackett, of Priest Lake, Idaho.

Mike and Chantell Sackett
Their case began in 2005 when the Sacketts were working on their dream home. Their land, purchased for $23,000, is about two-thirds of an acre and is about 500 feet from the water in Priest Lake, Idaho. Houses are on the surrounding lots and their land lacked standing water or a creek. They obtained all the needed county permits for their work.

But while they were working on foundation preparations, the EPA agents arrived, claimed the property is “wetlands” and ordered them to stop work and launch a full restoration project that even included installing plants that were not native – at their own expense. They were told after they guarded the land for several years they would be allowed to pay $250,000 to request permission to complete their home.

PLF fights the EPA to protect a couple's dream

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Columnists and Their Commentaries:

Join the 999 revolution ~ By Herman Cain

'It will not be easy, just as it wasn't easy 235 years ago'
From WND ~ Posted January 8, 2012
Our nation is plagued with crises. We have an economic crisis, a spending crisis, a big-government crisis, an energy crisis, an immigration crisis, a foggy foreign policy crisis, an assault on the Constitution crisis and a moral crisis.

President Obama blames the Bush administration, the Republicans in Congress, big business, rich people and even the American people by saying in essence that we have lost our optimism. That’s what happens, Mr. President, when we have a leadership crisis in the White House.

Sadly, polls consistently show that President Obama has about a 45 percent job approval rating. These 45 percent must be some of the most clueless people on earth, or they have been living in a cave for the last three years. The other option is that they have drunk so much of the Obama Kool-Aid that they do not want to know the truth.   READ MORE

GOP bad blood ~ By Patrick J. Buchanan
Republican candidates' circular firing squad plays into Dems' script

Moreover, we have been through three years of 23-25 million unemployed or underemployed. Our national debt is now larger than the national economy, approaching Italian proportions. The class warfare rhetoric is beginning to grate. A huge majority believes the nation is on the wrong course.

Who wants four more years of this?

Democratic hopes for 2012 hence hinge on that party’s ability to portray the Republican alternative as unacceptable if not intolerable. And the Republicans have begun to play into that script.  READ MORE

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From the Blogs:

Raise those expectations ~ By Ralph Marston
From The Daily Motivator ~ Monday, Jan 9, 2012

If you visualize and expect more disappointment, you’re sure to get it. But you don’t want to do that.

Instead, use this moment to break the pattern. Stop looking down on what has been, and choose to look upward to the best that can be.   READ MORE

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