Friday, December 30, 2011

Time 2 Escape Daily for Friday, Dec 30, 2011

As you will soon learn, if you haven't figured it out yet, that my choice of news stories, opinion columns and blogs can not possibly be objective because of my obvious Conservative Christian viewpoint... er, bias... (You will understand that statement better once you read David Limbaugh's column below.)

And now that you know that I have that Conservative Christian bias in my choices of resources to allow you to see, I am sure that you will either decide to make sure you return here every possible chance you have, or you will never visit this blog again. Which ever choice you make is fine with me. You will either appreciate the opportunity to learn more or you would rather just ignore all that is going on. For you, it may be valuable information to assist you to enhance your worldview, or it may be that you just think it's all hype and fear mongering on steroids.

But just so that you know, which ever way you feel about Time 2 Escape, it may be a short amount of time before somebody begins deciding what is okay for you to know. Whether you like this blog or not, isn't it time to make sure that while you can, gather all the information you now have available, and develop your own world view (whether right or wrong)?

Yep, thought so. You're still reading. You're still here. I'm just sayin'...

~ johnny2k

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The News Stories:

UPDATE: Des Moines police arrest 12 protesters at Democratic headquarters (includes photos, video)
From Des Moines Register ~ 4:18 PM, Dec 29, 2011 ~ via Andrew Breitbart's Big Government
Twelve protesters have been arrested at the Iowa Democratic headquarters this afternoon, as they protested that Guantanamo remained open and corporate donations to campaigns.

As arrests were going on, other protesters with the Occupy the Caucuses movement chanted, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Obama close Guantanamo.”

Savage: Paul, Gingrich 'destroying Republican brand'
From WND ~ December 29, 2011, 10:33 am Eastern
Contends they're ruining chance of only GOP candidate who can beat Obama

Presidential candidates Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are destroying an already-weakened "Republican brand," increasing President Obama's chance of being re-elected next fall, says nationally syndicated talk-radio host Michael Savage.

"Romney is so silent, Gingrich is so dirty and Ron Paul is so crazy that Obama is surging," Savage told his "Savage Nation" audience last night.

Savage believes Mitt Romney is the only candidate in the GOP field capable of beating Obama, although he acknowledges that most conservatives don't find the former Massachusetts governor appealing.

Phares: Obama Administration Failing to Contain Iran
From Newsmax ~ Thursday, 29 Dec 2011 05:48 PM ~ By Paul Scicchitano and Kathleen Walter

Respected Middle East expert Walid Phares tells Newsmax.TV that Iran is playing a “very dangerous game” by threatening to close the vital Strait of Hormuz oil route – a move that the Obama administration is unprepared to stop.

“The Iranian regime does saber rattling, thinking this is a good strategy. But at the same time this is a very dangerous business because they may choose to stop shipments coming to the [Persian] Gulf or through the Gulf as a result of our sanctions and that of course is going to draw United States, Eurpoean, NATO and international response,” Phares warns in an exclusive interview on Thursday.

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Columnists and Their Commentaries:

Isaiah 9:10: America under judgment? ~ By Joseph Farah

Here we see what we so often see in the Bible – promise of a blessing for obedience and a curse of turning away from the Lord.

And we all know the outcome, so I'm not giving anything away here. Long before the death of Solomon, the children of Israel began to turn away from the commandments and serve and worship other gods. Even Solomon himself turns to this kind of spiritual adultery – leading to the divided kingdom in one generation.

But the dividing of the kingdom was yet just a warning, a harbinger, a limited judgment. God was shaking His people trying to get their attention and return them to the covenant.

Blind to their liberal biases ~ By David Limbaugh
It's just wrong to assume that a nonbelieving worldview is more objective than a believing one. We are all blessed (or burdened) with our presuppositions, and they accompany us wherever we go.

It occurred to me that the woman's argument is analogous to the political liberals' legendary denial of bias. Indeed, many liberals don't even view themselves as liberals. Rather, they are reality- and fact-based creatures. Only conservatives allow their biases to taint their objectivity. Liberals will admit that some conservatives are rational, but to be both rational and conservative, they must be evil. They know the policies they support are wrong, objectively, but they choose to do so anyway – or something like that.

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From the Blogs:

Transform limitations ~ By Ralph Marston
From The Daily Motivator ~ Friday, December 30, 2011

The limitations are not really what hold you back. To the degree that you are hindered, it is because you put more focus, energy and effort into negative thoughts and excuses than into positive possibilities and effective actions.

Sure, life is tough, but you have what it takes to create great value and fulfillment no matter what the obstacles. Remind yourself often of your own positive power, and transform every limitation into a reason to succeed.

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