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Gingrich: The last 'not-Romney' standing ~ By Tom Tancredo

As a former college professor, did he lead a battle to curtail federal involvement in higher education? No. Energy policy? No – to this day he still supports ethanol subsides, has endorsed cap and trade, and did that awful video on global warming with Nancy Pelosi.

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So, now what?

Do we just watch the Republican Party split and implode?

Is the Tea Party really dead like the Mainstream Media, and even Fox News, is telling us?

Please tell me, Donald Trump isn't our only hope!

We can NOT afford to lose this election and see four MORE years of this Barack Hussein Obama nightmare!

We need a George Washington, and Newt ain't the guy. So, we need to find somebody to unite behind, don't we?

Can we? WILL WE?

YOU decide!  I'm just sayin'....

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Gingrich: The last 'not-Romney' standing

By Tom Tancredo

December 02, 2011 ~ 4:59 pm Eastern

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I want to be perfectly clear: I have nothing against buying silver. In fact, I like silver. But don't tell me it's as good as gold.

Newt Gingrich is riding high in the polls as Herman Cain's support melts away. But what are we getting – gold, silver or brass?

Suddenly, Washington pundits and pollsters are selling Gingrich as the gold standard for "insurgent conservatism" in contrast to Romney's "cool pragmatism." But let's put aside for another day (say, Iowa on Jan. 10) the comparison of Gingrich to other candidates and just ask ourselves some basic questions. Is Newt Gingrich a conservative? Would he implement a conservative agenda as president?

The sad fact is, after a 30-plus year career in politics, we still don't know what we are getting with Gingrich because he has been all over the map – pardon me, all over the galaxy – in his policy proposals.

Gingrich's eclectic unpredictability does not mean he is not greatly to be preferred over a second term for Barack Hussein Obama. What it does mean is that Gingrich would likely have a hard time defeating Obama.


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