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GOP creating fuel for Obama ~ By Chuck Norris

Now, you tell me, which type of leadership is going to win us back the White House: one that rallies the country or divides the house?
With totally certainty, I can say that Chuck Norris undoubtedly hits the nail on the head in this column, and it is the most important column I've read so far in this election cycle.

While you need to read this column in full, beginning to end, I need to give you one more quote that is of vital importance, one that is of total relevance to defeating Barack Hussein Obama in 2012:

Every conservative I know agrees that any GOP candidate will be better than the leadership we currently have in the White House. I firmly believe their positive attributes definitely outweigh any of their negatives.

With about three weeks to the Iowa Caucus, it's high time that we quit allowing the left and even our own preferences and prejudice to polarize us any further. It's time we lay down our egos and our innate bent to tear down and fight to unify for our republic's sake. If we are going to win the war for the White House, it's going to be solely in our ability to rally together and keep our scopes on the current occupant of the White House, not by aiming at one other.
Before I read Chuck's column, I read what Herman Cain had to say in his column on the same day. Here is part of my commentary about what Herman was saying, and it is perfectly relevant to the wisdom of Chuck Norris that you will read today:
As to this coming election in 2012, the major effort still needs to be focused on defeating Obama. That could possibly mean nominating a squishy RINO Republican candidate. Whatever it takes, right? If that is the outcome, what Herman Cain has suggested in this column will become even more significant, as you will read. We the People need to be able to put the pressure on whoever wins the White House and Congress!
Now, it is time for me to make a request of you, the reader. I know you are one that cares about our future and our freedom, so I'm assuming that you will understand this request is not just so I can promote this column or my blog. What would really help would be if you were to disseminate this column, this blog post, to as many of the GOP Presidential candidates, Conservative columnists, bloggers and talk radio show hosts as possible. WE the People need to spread the word, far and wide!

This election should be up to you, and not the media outlets - Conservative or Progressive. It is time for WE the People that want to avert the loss of our liberties as given to us in the Constitution of the United States. We need to have a little faith right now in what WE the People can do when we unite. The Tea Party Movement is STILL a movement that allows us keep us unified, if we allow it to. Along with this great column by Chuck Norris, we have been schooled on the abilitiy for us to keep spreading the hope for freedom that will still be here for our children and grandchildren!

You've heard of "Peace through Strength" before, right? Well, this is "Strength through Peace" amongst our candidates and the pundits. Let's quit giving the enemy the ability to divide us, alright? I'm just sayin'...

GOP creating fuel for Obama

By Chuck Norris

December 11, 2011 ~ 7:30 pm Eastern

© 2011

Charles Dillon "Casey" Stengel, the early 20th century baseball legend who played on five teams and managed four, said, "It's easy to get good players. Getting them to play together, that's the hard part."

What's true in sports is definitely true in politics, but even more so.

Many say, 'tis the season for GOP rivalry, but when does inference turn to infighting? When does public debate dismantle our conservative solidarity? When do campaign commercials compromise our unity to fight together? And when does friendly bantering turn into friendly fire that is fuel for our foes?

I know we are in a GOP presidential race. I understand the tactics to win a regular election, but this is no typical run for the presidency. There is a progressive insurrection underway, and at the heart of their political warfare is the disunity of conservative consensus.

In this unique presidential race, I would propose at this particular point that our infighting is, indeed, not only the recipe for the president's petroleum but also a major strategy in the progressives' plan to keep their incumbent in the Oval Office.

Former House Speaker and GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich told an audience in Iowa last week, "President Obama is legitimately and authentically a Saul Alinsky radical." I completely agree, as well as the majority who truly understand Obama's origins and political philosophies. Even the New York Times back in August 2009 wrote, "Saul Alinsky, the Chicago activist and writer whose street-smart tactics influenced generations of community organizers, most famously the current president …"

Alinsky's bible for community organizers is "Rules for Radicals," the principles of which can be viewed in almost every action of the left, including the present White House. For example, in the chapter on "power tactics," the fourth tactic is: "Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules." While conservatives regard congruity as commendable, Alinsky considers it an opportunity for raising disdain among the public and infighting among enemies, because no one can perfectly live up to his or her own message.

This is where Alinsky's fifth rule follows and applies: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." And the best missile in that arsenal is the friendly fire (ridicule) caused within the enemies' own camps.
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