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Green religionists are waging war on you ~ By Phil Elmore

In Phil's column, he explains how the green religionists have used tyrannical rules, regulations, and penalties to push their agenda. You will need to read the full article (click on the link at the bottom to get there) to see how various cities have instituted draconian fines for not "complying" with their green agenda. It is sad that those cities have done that, because there are better ways to promote recycling, as Phil mentions.

In the city where I live, they have the perfect system that makes sense. It works so well that they now give out very LARGE recycling containers that can easily be picked up by their recycling trucks. The cost of their recycling trucks is mostly offset by the savings they have in needing less property for landfills. It takes me weeks to fill mine up, it is so large. On the other hand, it also takes me weeks to fill up a normal size garbage can. If for some reason you have extra garbage, like when you get around to cleaning out the garage, you can buy extra garbage tags for around $1.50 and you just put the tags on the extra garbage bags. I've only had to buy 3 tags in the last five years when I threw out some things that were damaged by some extra water in my basement. So, as you see, our city realized that people would use their recycling much more by giving us the incentive to recycle. There are no fines that I know of. If they find garbage (non-recyclable) in your recycle container, they simply don't take it, and leave a notice for you to explain why not.

So, that is the part that got me about what Phil wrote. There was no need for the cities he mentions to use tyrannical methods to MAKE you recycle. But then, that is the thing about the green religionists, who are mostly going to be liberals: They just aren't that smart, I guess! That, and worse yet, I guess the liberals are addicted to the power that they can wield over their "subjects." Just sayin'...

UPDATE ~ August 27, 2010:

I happened to see this segment on Fox & Friends Thursday a.m. just a few hours after posting the column:

The Green Police - A true example of how they think, in their own words

Video provided by TheREALjohnny2k

In a free society, public service announcements encourage that society's citizens to act for the common good by appealing to their better natures. In a totalitarian society, governments slap the governed until the pain makes the ruled class comply. This is the critical difference between what our recycling laws and regulations should be and what they are increasingly becoming. Unless we stand up to the green religionists, unless we demand to know by what authority they presume to declare innocent American citizens heretics, we will increasingly feel their open-toed shoes on our necks. These heavy-handed recycling mandates are part of a greater problem. They are a few hundred of the thousands of cuts that will eventually bleed us all dry.

These draconian recycling laws are garbage, and so are the people who force them down the throats of the American people.
By Phil Elmore

Posted: August 26, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

Did you recycle this week? Did you bow before the altar of the "green" movement? Did you show proper deference to the secular religion of environmentalism? Did you do, not as you were asked, but as you were told by brainwashed, sanctimonious hippies and their puppets in your government? No? What are you, some kind of heretic? Do you hate the Earth? Maybe we'll have to teach you the benefits of recycling. Maybe we'll have to re-educate you. Maybe we'll have to punish you.

Yes, that's it ... we'll punish you. We'll do it in the way that hurts you most in an economy still reeling under President Barack Hussein Obama's socialism. We'll punish you financially, fining you a hundred dollars here, a hundred dollars there, until you've suffered so badly you either comply or we break you.

What's that? You don't have a hundred dollars? Oh, stop crying. No, sit down. That's quite enough of that. All we want you to do is recycle. It's good for the planet. It's good for everyone. Think of the children. There, there. Have you calmed down? Good. Now go take your recycling bin to the curb. That's a good boy. That's a good, whipped dog. That's a good, servile subject of an ever-more invasive and all-powerful government. Good lad. Maybe we won't have to punish you after all.

Did you enjoy reading the preceding three paragraphs?

I didn't ... and I wrote them. I don't enjoy them because I'm very worried. I'm worried because no matter how far-fetched are the seemingly endless schemes of "progressives," left-wing power-mongers and statists always seem to exceed my expectations for their dictates.

Previously in Technocracy, I described the Orwellian world our government functionaries, our inexorably marching legions of mindless and largely unaccountable petty bureaucrats, are dragging us toward. In that column, written almost exactly one year ago, I warned you of a nightmarishly totalitarian world in which even your garbage is suspect. At the time, I spoke most vehemently about a British campaign encouraging neighbors to inform on their fellow subjects:
"A new London Metropolitan Police anti-terrorism campaign," the post reads, "is encouraging law-abiding citizens to look through each others' bins to check for 'suspicious' items such as chemical bottles, and to report any troubling findings to the police." Troubling findings. Suspicious trash. Does anyone wish to place any wagers as to how many people will find themselves facing police interrogations based solely on their busybody neighbors' unfounded hysteria?
Declaring ordinary people, law-abiding citizens, to be heretics because they do not share the zeal of adherents to the "green faith" is becoming more common -- and more serious. Already, green religionists have helped spread the propaganda of global warming as prophesied by Al Gore, encouraging industrial and trade policies that would hinder American industry in the name of saving the Earth. While Gore and his willing accomplices in both "science" and among the press have been jeered and opposed, this opposition is not enough. This front is not the battle that will win this war. This is because such campaigns are far more abstract, far less personal, far less real than is the war that the green religionists are waging on you as an individual. Such environmental cultists will not be satisfied until you either toe the line and sort your garbage, or you are made to suffer for believing and acting in opposition to their mandates.


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