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The burned hand teaches best ~ By Patrice Lewis

I am so very sorry, Patrice, and I sincerely apologize for taking so long to publish this post here, but once again, the eloquence of your column threw me for a loop. It seems that I once again had a difficult time trying to opine on this brilliant column. I had a real case of brain lock and writer's block...

I spent the whole day trying to figure out what I would say, or looking for a video that could illustrate the point of this column. But alas, I think I finally found what I was looking for. This video will be in two parts, please watch both of them. It will be very much worth your time.

Ronald Reagan 2012 Address To America: Part 1/2

Ronald Reagan 2012 Address To America: Part 2/2

Both videos provided by PaulWilliamsWorld (Excellent work, Paul!)

It was after a few moments of silent prayer did the Lord give me the mercy to find the above two videos. What an absolutely great way to bring Patrice's column to the world. First of all, it has to be a little ironic that I had thought of including something about Ronald Reagan, being that when Patrice discussed her liberal days in college, and said this: "This was during the days of Reagan (for whom I felt the obligatory liberal hatred) – I wondered why people hadn't been clear-headed enough to elect a solidly progressive president." I was so thrilled to find these videos right in my own youtube playlist, literally right under my nose! (That's almost always how God works, ya know?)

The other reason why these videos fit so perfectly with this column is even better. It perfectly displays the fact that the burned hand may NOT have taught us best. Why, shoot, Reagan came along, and most of the speech in the video was during the 1980 campaign, and you would have thought that Jimmy Carter had given us the burned hand that we should have learned from. However, it seems that those days somehow went down the memory hole. And the scary thing is knowing the painful truth that the progressives control the schools, the mainstream news media, and Hollywood, and combined, they used indoctrination along with distracting our attention away from what Ronald Reagan had told us 30 years ago.

I'm really hoping that it is not too late to learn from the burned hand, because now, the government does everything in their power to take care of us from cradle to grave, and we may not be allowed to feel the pain of the burned hand until it goes up in smoke... and then it's too late! Ponder on that for a moment! Just sayin'...

So, wearily, conservatives must continue to fight the evil we see, which is the ballooning size and power of an increasingly despotic government. To add insult to injury, conservatives must also continue to fight the tools of that government – the mainstream media, the useful idiots (progressives) who applaud that government, and the megalithic industries (financial institutions and multinational corporations) that can only maintain their monopolies by partnering with those who have guns and the willingness to use them (the government).

Conservatives cannot deny the existence of this evil. Therefore we cannot deny the need to fight it. Fighting is hard work, and I work hard enough as it is – but it's better than standing dumbly to one side and allowing history to repeat itself because I was too apathetic to fight evil when I saw it.

By Patrice Lewis

Posted: July 31, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

Ever wonder why conservatives and progressives can't seem to get along? I think I have a clue. We see evil in different things.

When I was in college, I was a good little liberal. I marched in feminist rallies, I signed petitions, I feared nuclear warfare. I was all for world peace and universal harmony and couldn't understand why everyone else didn't yearn for the same. And I felt disdain for the close-mindedness of those poor ignorant conservative sods who Just Didn't Get It.

I was a pacifist and felt sincere bewilderment at the emphasis on America's military strength. This was during the days of Reagan (for whom I felt the obligatory liberal hatred) – I wondered why people hadn't been clear-headed enough to elect a solidly progressive president.

Ah, to be so young and ignorant …

Age and life experience has a funny way of changing one's perspective. So does parenthood and the responsibilities of training up one's children to be decent people and contributing members of society. All this combined to gradually change my perspective from raging liberal to thoughtful conservative. Now I wonder how the progressives can be so close-minded that they Just Don't Get It.

Recently, I came across a quote that was so powerful it stopped me dead in my tracks:
"It is tempting to deny the existence of evil since denying it removes the need to fight it" (Alexis Carrel).
Aha. Perhaps this helps explain the widening chasm between the perspective of the conservatives and the progressives. No, I'm not saying progressives deny the existence of evil. As I see it, progressives identify the wrong things as evil, then proceed to fight those things tooth and nail.

I'll take this moment to point out that this dichotomy between progressives and conservatives transcends the miniscule differences between Democrats and Republicans. While in theory Republican politicians are (cough) conservative, all too often they're just a slower version of the more blatant liberal progressives.

Progressives apparently do not believe our founding documents have relevance in our modern society. In fact, it seems progressives believe those documents are evil – otherwise, why would they fight like mad to change or (worse) ignore them? Why else would they seize the opportunity to translate their particular beliefs into federal law explicitly against constitutional restraints? Why else do they seem to rejoice in the massive and intrusive expansion of government rather than the small and streamlined government put in place by the Founding Fathers?

When you get such things as a ban on incandescent light bulbs, forced socialized medicine, cap-and-trade and even such absurdities as federal regulations about what schools can serve in their cafeterias … well, I'm sorry, but it's clear progressives have no faith in peoples' ability to govern themselves. We are all little children and must be told what to do.

Given the nature of the quote ("It is tempting to deny the existence of evil since denying it removes the need to fight it"), it seems progressives see individual freedom and liberty as evil (or at least misguided). Otherwise, why would they work to deny personal liberties and implement the power of collectivism and the State, as with Obamacare? Otherwise, why would they applaud the redistribution of our wealth through the largest tax hike in the history of this nation?

Conservatives see this constant encroachment of federal micromanagement as evil and contrary to the economic health of this country. That's why we fight it.

But progressives embrace it. They prefer to fight us, for fighting it. See how it works?

We think we're right and they're wrong. They think they're right and we're wrong. And never the twain shall meet.

But like all differences of opinion, there is a simple and time-tested method of determining in a debate which side is more correct. You know this method. Your children know it. It is so simple that every creature on God's green earth knows it.

The simplest method of determining who's right and who's wrong is called "risk-reward," or, as we were all taught as children, "the burned hand teaches best."

At NO point in human history has growth in the power of government over the governed ever resulted in freedoms and liberty. Never. It always results in tyranny and oppression.

Our founders knew this. Their hands had been burned by a massive and intrusive government, and it taught them well. That's why they built a system of severe restraint and limited power. Unrestrained government can and always does become the "fearful master" of which Washington spoke, when it expands to replace the rights of man with the "privileges" of government.


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