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Search Launched for Mission Beach Panga Passengers ~ By R. Stickney and Greg Bledsoe

Phoenix resident Miranda Fuller said she could not believe what she was seeing from the balcony of her vacation home.

Picture taken by Miranda Fuller

"I was in shock I think, and so were the couple people out here. They were just standing there pointing. Nobody knew what to do. What should we do to help," Fuller said.

Mission Beach resident Bill Wu caught the group on a surveillance camera mounted on his home. He recorded the group running up the beach and then across the boardwalk and into an alley.

"I guess there was somebody on the inside here that was supplying them with clothing and they went down to Mission Boulevard and changed clothes," Wu said.

I just happened to see the Fox & Friends segment that you will see just below. While the hosts and the guest were assuming that the 20 people that jumped out of the panga boat were illegal immigrants from "South of the border," I was having a different thought, which I'll tell you after you watch this video.

My first thought? All dressed in black, I was thinking, "those are ISIS terrorists!" Whether I'm right or wrong, it doesn't matter. You know that somebody at the Islamic State headquarters is thinking how easy it would be to infiltrate the United States. Or, perhaps, that has already happened.

Seven of those that got off the boat had been caught. What about the other dozen or more? Since this story first appeared, I have not been able to find any followup stories saying that those that escaped that day had ever been nabbed. If they were illegal immigrants from South of our border, who's to say that they aren't working for the terrorist outfit ISIS?

We already know that along the border with Mexico, many more illegals are coming in that don't get caught. Tunnels are constantly being found in some areas. There are so many ways that terrorists could get into the country, and let's not forget our Northern border, I am sure that there are already terrorist cells set up all across this country.

But, "it's all good," they say, "we haven't been attacked." Shouldn't the word "yet" be added to that claim? This is especially disturbing being that Sept. 11 is just days away. This is why it is extremely important to pay attention to what is happening around us right now. Obviously, at least somebody involved in this news story got in touch with the local authorities. But when you see something, say something to law enforcement agencies, such as in these instructions below:
"If you see something suspicious, either contact your local law enforcement, or the FBI at (855) TELL-FBI or (855) 835-5324."
Well, if the ISIS terrorists are NOT here yet, I am sure that their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is taking notes. "Land on American shores, broad daylight, media coverage, FBI not called in. Border Patrol, already spread thin, handles call. 13 get away..."

So, you tell me: Are our borders and shorelines secure? Is ISIS going to sit back and not take advantage of an opportunity to infiltrate America and do some serious damage? I doubt it! Just sayin'...

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Search Launched for Mission Beach Panga Passengers
By R. Stickney and Greg Bledsoe

Monday, Aug 25, 2014 • Updated at 5:29 PM PDT


Seven suspected undocumented immigrants were taken into custody after a panga boat arrived at Mission Beach on Monday morning, as NBC 7's Bridget Naso reports.

Law enforcement officers are looking for more than a dozen people believed to have come ashore in a panga that landed on Mission Beach Monday.

U.S. Border Patrol officials were on the sand right where West Mission Bay Drive ends and Ventura Place intersects with Strand Way.

The bright red panga was spotted about 6:45 a.m.

Lifeguards reported that about 20 people scattered. They believe there were 18 males and two females who ran into the neighborhood of Mission Beach.

Witnesses say about the group of people got out of the boat and ran towards shore, jumped the sea wall into the boardwalk and took off down an alley.

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