Monday, September 22, 2014

Former Obama Official: Climate Change Not 'Settled' Science ~ By Sandy Fitzgerald

In New York, tens of thousands participated in the demonstration demanding urgent steps against carbon emissions as the United Nation’s General Assembly opened.

"We often hear that there is a 'scientific consensus' about climate change," writes Koonin. "But as far as the computer models go, there isn't a useful consensus at the level of detail relevant to assessing human influences."

Koonin says his extensive training as a computational physicist with a 40-year career of scientific research and management, has given him an up-close knowledge of climate science.

"Detailed technical discussions during the past year with leading climate scientists have given me an even better sense of what we know, and don't know, about climate," writes Koonin.

Dr. Steven Koonin is not calling climate change a myth, but yet, he's not ready to say that mankind is totally responsible for climate change, nor that global warming is going to be catastrophic any time in our future. At any rate, what he is harping on in this column has much more to do about calling climate change a "settled science." He is very much right about that. There would never be any great new discoveries if everybody accepted everything we know on this planet as "settled science." When you read this column, please keep what he says in mind, especially the words in the following block quote:
"Uncertainty is a prime mover and motivator of science and must be faced head-on. It should not be confined to hushed sidebar conversations at academic conferences...

"Any serious discussion of the changing climate must begin by acknowledging not only the scientific certainties but also the uncertainties, especially in projecting the future."
How society has somehow accepted "settled science" as a description of ANY type of scientific information to be an intellectual concept is beyond me.  I can not regard any scientist, or university professor, or researcher, or President of the United States, that believes in a settled science with absolute certainty as being credible.  Dr. Koonin has it exactly right when saying that the future can not be accurately projected because of the uncertainty of  many variables, so how did so many people, who are supposedly smart, fall into this trap?  What is in it for them? And for that matter, what's in it for us, other than drastically increasing energy costs? All to quell our fears of a catastrophic climate change event that may not ever happen, would we be willing to give up our freedom and sovereignty? Just sayin'...


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Former Obama Official: Climate Change Not 'Settled' Science
By Sandy Fitzgerald

Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 06:11 PM

From Newsfront

A former high-ranking Obama administration official says climate science and the implications of global warming are not "settled," insisting such claims are "misguided" and stifle debate on the matter.

Writing a Page One story in the Wall Street Journal Weekend Review section, Dr. Steven Koonin argues that group think among experts has been inhibiting "the scientific and policy discussions that we need to have about our climate future."

Koonin, who served at the Energy Department as President Obama’s undersecretary for science in the Energy Department, is director of the Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University.

Koonin’s position strikes a blow against climate change activists as People’s Climate March organized demonstrations at more than 2,000 locations worldwide.

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