Wednesday, June 18, 2014

VIDEO: Lost IRS emails: Are they stupid or do they think we're stupid?

The hosts of The Five on the Fox News Channel brought up some obvious flaws in the Obama administration's excuse that two years of IRS email (including email of Ms. Lois Lerner and six other IRS officials) was missing due to a computer glitch. So, the story here is, either somebody was very incompetent in their job of protecting data, or the emails were "conveniently lost" with the expectation that nobody in the mainstream media would notice or care. Being that the story came out in the late Friday news dump last week, it would appear that the lack of media coverage was hoped for.

Well, here are my thoughts on this. I'm inclined to believe that the Obama administration is stupid for thinking that We the People are stupid. Some of us are compelled to follow the news, and see what's happening. We then do what we can to spread the news. This is one of those times. Just sayin'...

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