Wednesday, June 25, 2014

VIDEO: What If Glenn Beck Was Right? ~ Part 1

Should we be worried? Yes, if an Islamic Caliphate is created in the Middle East, the West will be in their cross-hairs. But, what should really worry us is that there are people out there that still won't believe Glenn Beck about the danger of an Islamic caliphate in the Middle East and the threat to our national security should that happen. And our Dear Leader, President Obama, seems to be one of those people... Then again, perhaps Obama totally understands what the Caliphate is, and doing his best to help it along?

As you'll see in the video, Glenn Beck had talked about the caliphate back in 2011, and people were calling him "looney tunes." And then, there will be people who even now try to discredit Glenn's claims, even though it is happening before our eyes. Well, for the disbelievers, I'm going to be posting more videos here that will be on this topic of the coming Islamic caliphate. Glenn Beck is not the only one out there that understands what is going on in the Middle East right now. There are others, as you shall soon see. Hopefully, people will begin to understand the danger that faces us from the Middle East should there be an Islamic caliphate. Just sayin'...

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