Sunday, November 13, 2011

A nation divided ~ By Henry Lamb

A nation (or a political party) that is divided cannot stand.
There has not been a day gone by without us seeing more examples of the vast differences between the Tea Party movement and the Occupy Wall Street movement. Did you notice all the reports of violence, felonies being committed, and people advocating the death of those that have succeeded, at Tea Party rallies? Funny, I don't recall any of that ever happening at the Tea Party rallies. Never any violence. Can't say the same for the Occupy Wall Street Mob demonstrations...

Wow, that was weird... None of what I wrote above had to do with the excellent column by Henry Lamb this week. It all just seemed to come out. No, wait, actually it has everything to do with what Henry writes about. If it is a nation divided, the point I made above stands as a testament to how divided this country really is.

Video provided by DefeatObamaCampaign on Oct 22, 2011

And obviously, there is the point that Henry was making that if a political party is divided, it cannot stand. You'll read about that when you read the full column. It's a stark warning to the Republican Party. The GOP better figure out right now that it is Conservative values that it stands for, and anything less in a Republican ticket in 2012 will mean four more years of Obama and the Democrat (Leftist) scheme to "transform America" ... to what? You don't know? Just see what the Occupy Wall Street movement is doing, as I mentioned in my opening. That will give you a very good clue. I'm just sayin'...

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A nation divided

By Henry Lamb

November 11, 2011 ~ 5:45 pm Eastern

© 2011

Congressional Republicans refuse to consider any so-called jobs bill that contains a tax increase that penalizes the successful. The president and his Democratic allies refuse to consider any jobs bill that does not include another tax on the wealthy. This division, so vividly portrayed in Washington, reflects a division that threatens the nation.

That division is amplified by thousands of people who are now occupying Wall Street, Oakland, Denver and various other locations. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in general, embrace these protesters. Their embrace includes the Socialist Party, the Nazi Party, the Communist Party, anarchists, people who destroy private property for fun, who defecate on police cars, and people who wallow in sex and drug-filled squalor.

This movement is also embraced by many labor unions. At the root of the protest is the commitment to "fundamentally transform the United States of America" by ending capitalism and replacing it with a government-managed economy.

The other side of the great divide is reflected in the tea party movement that began a couple of years ago. The goal of this movement is very clear: to return the nation to its constitutional foundation by reducing taxes, ending the deficit and reducing the size and scope of the federal government. Tea partiers have assembled peacefully in various places around the country, and then returned to their homes and jobs – and to study groups to organize a more effective campaign to rid the government of those who wish to transform it.


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