Friday, August 19, 2011

19-Aug-11 Edition ~ Inside the debate: Missed opportunity for voters ~ By Herman Cain

Although former Gov. Pawlenty has announced that he is ending his race after last Saturday's Iowa straw poll, he was one of the most genuinely nice opponents in the race. I wish him well in wherever his future takes him.

Whereas the debate gave some people a chance to learn about some of the candidates' ideas for solving problems, different people have different ideas about who won. So pick your favorite candidate and declare them the winner.

But clearly, the American people lost an opportunity to learn more than they did.

As do all the GOP candidates for President, Herman has his flaws. There's no question about it, Herman Cain is way too honest to be a politician. In a post-Iowa Straw Poll interview, Citizen Cain had this to say:

Yes, Herman definitely has his flaws. He is consistent. He doesn't put his finger in the air to see which way the political winds are blowing. Herman sticks to his convictions. Politicians just don't act that way. Oh, wait, that's what is different about him, isn't it?

Wait a minute.... I'm not the only person out here that is tired of the polished politicians always being the presidential candidates, am I?

Actually, in my humble opinion, there is incontrovertible evidence that Herman Cain is exactly what people in the Tea Party Movement are looking for in a candidate, one that would defeat the current President. Rick Perry could beat Obama, too, but can we completely trust that he wouldn't be more of the same? I'm just sayin'...

Inside the debate: Missed opportunity for voters

By Herman Cain

August 14, 2011 ~ 9:00 pm Eastern

© 2011

First, let's clarify some of the media noise about my campaign and my intentions.

I am running for president, seeking the Republican nomination. I finished fifth in the Iowa straw-poll last Saturday ahead of six other candidates. The candidates who finished ahead of me spent millions on TV and radio advertising, and we spent $0.

We have no debt beyond travel and other expenses, which we settle within 30 days after the end of the month. We are raising money at a rate ahead of expenses. We are running the campaign like a business. What a novel idea, and it is working!

With a national name ID of just 46 percent, I have no intentions of dropping out of the race. All of those predictions of the demise of my campaign are all self folly.

Now, last week all media eyes were on Iowa with the latest presidential debate and the Iowa straw poll. Both events are barometers of knowledge of the issues and their respective solutions, presentation, communication skills and how well a candidate can get his supporters to turn out for events. But neither event is a predictor of who will ultimately win the Republican Party's nomination.


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