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12-Aug-2011, Part 3: The mob is coming ~ By Phil Elmore

As liberals grow increasingly shrill in their hatred and frustration over conservative attempts to thwart their power plays, America's leftists will resort to violence more frequently and in greater numbers. The rancor over the recent debt-ceiling debate will become a fond memory. Obama and his minions, not to mention a complicit media, were quick to tell us that we may never disagree with liberals – for if we do, America will be punished by foreign bankers. As the rhetoric grows hotter, the fists will fly faster. Blaming the "terrorists" in the tea party for Obama's failures of leadership will seem tame by comparison.

The mob is coming. Be ready.
It's chilling. As I mentioned from the beginning of this 8-12-11 series, there is a common theme. If you haven't figured it out yet, you will soon. So let's start with this:
The classic quote from a rioter on the street in London was this: "We hear people were getting stuff free, so why not us?"

You will notice that tea-party activists don't have a sense of entitlement. They don't ask for free stuff. They don't demand handouts. They don't ask that government take care of them. They just ask that government follow the rule of law and act responsibly.

The rioters in the streets of London and Philadelphia most certainly do have a sense of entitlement. They believe they have the right to rob and beat other people and take what they want. They believe in burning and terrorizing and attacking police and civilians.

 ~ Joseph Farah, on 9-AUG-11: You want to see face of 'terrorism'?
Oh, well, shucks... You're getting the point, right? Are you ready for what we will be facing very soon? You won't bother to "get ready" if you are neither aware or believe that it can happen. But look, it's going on in London, in Europe, and even here.

Those on the left love to talk about the "Tea Party rage." There's really no way to be any more disingenuous than that. The left is using that phrase, "Tea Party Rage," knowing that the tea party's "rage" has nothing to do with violence. It hasn't ever happened. No tea party has ever broke out into violence. Looting and pillaging is not part of the Tea Party Movement. Really, get serious!

However, Phil Elmore gives us a stern warning in his column. It is one thing to endure harsh and inaccurate rhetoric against the tea party. We must be prepared, because suppose for a minute that the leftist minions (union thugs and people living on entitlements) decided that only violence would get the attention of the media and politicians so that they could get their "free stuff"? Or, could it even be a ploy to intimidate and get the attention of those who would peacefully protest against the largess of government?

If you read all three of the columns that I referenced yesterday and today, you will hopefully get the point. The MOB that Nancy Pelosi accused the Tea Party of being, and the MOB that the leftists are organizing and putting into play, are two different things.

Joseph Farah sums it up perfectly when he wrote, "When you demonize the hard-working, productive middle class who organize peacefully and call for reforms, you are inviting the shiftless, unproductive class to take the opposite approach."

The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights is the force multiplier, as Phil says. It exemplifies "Peace through strength," because deterrence of violence is our priority. I'm just sayin'....


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The mob is coming
By Phil Elmore

August 10, 2011 ~ 1:44 pm Eastern

© 2011

Obama hates guns.

This is a fact. Like every lib, like every socialist would-be dictator, like every arrogant statist who views his fellow human beings' freedom of action as a threat (rather than a benefit that accrues to all the citizenry), Obama cannot stand the idea that you, armed, might be able to stand up to leftist bullying.

You see, that is what a firearm is. Before guns are "liberty teeth," before they are a tool for resisting oppression, before they are the linchpin of a free society that defends and protects the other natural rights protected by the Bill of Rights, they are a personal means of standing up for yourself. A gun, like a lever or a hammer, is a force multiplier. Firearms are a labor-magnifying technology that enables the user to apply more force to more people than that user could apply with his bare hands. That's it. That's all guns do. They possess neither volition nor morality. By themselves, they are complicated paperweights.

The fear and loathing liberals heap on firearms is largely ignorance, projection of their own weakness and irrational fear ... but deep down, it is also a recognition of the gun's utility as a force multiplier. If you're a lib desperate to control every waking moment of his fellow human beings' lives, you absolutely cannot abide the idea of force multiplication. This is because liberals adore violence. Specifically, they adore mob violence. An ideology that subordinates the individual to the collective and the citizen to the state of necessity lauds the power of the mob. Liberals are, after all, only courageous in groups. They are happy to bully any man or woman whom they outnumber and can overpower, but will scream victimization if aggressively opposed by prepared, right-thinking citizens.

Examples of liberal thuggery and hate abound and are as close as the nearest political protest. Our left-leaning media delight in furthering the mythology that conservatives, tea-party members and other libertarians are violent and threatening toward peaceful leftist activists, when of course the exact opposite is true and has been demonstrated time and again. Consider, for example, the beating of conservative Kenneth Gladney.

Don't be afraid!
are the MOB
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