Thursday, November 17, 2016

Obsession With Bible Prophecy: Devil Loves It ~ By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Regardless of one’s private interpretation of prophecy, our duty as Christians is the same: we are to take care of business. We are to tend to our family business, our vocational business, our spiritual business, our community business, our national business, etc. Until He comes, we have a divine mandate to “take care of business.

Premillennial. Postmillennial. Amillennial. Pre-tribulation. Mid-tribulation. Post-tribulation. Complete Rapture. Partial Rapture. No Rapture. Dispensationalist. Preterist. When it comes to our duty to “take care of business,” IT DOESN’T MATTER. We all have the same duty.

Unfortunately, the preoccupation and obsession with Bible prophecy has diverted people’s attention away from the business at hand. So many, many Christians have become so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good. And pastors and preachers are mostly to blame. They spiritualize everything to the point that they have rendered the scriptures of NO practical relevance whatsoever.
What Pastor Baldwin writes about in this column is something that I admittedly never before pondered on. At first, it seemed like an absurd subject for Chuck Baldwin to discuss. But, as I kept reading, it made more and more sense. It at least scored high enough on the plausibility scale for me to bring it out in the open to the readers here.

Most of all, it is very revealing about some of the Christians that say they can't vote for Donald Trump for whatever reasoning they come up with, even if it means allowing Hillary Clinton to win this election on November 8, 2016. It is also very frustrating.  Wow, I can only believe that is some very fuzzy reasoning, and may lead to the tyranny in America that only their worst concepts of End Times prophecies could imagine.

We need to turn our focus to one important point:  Hillary Clinton has "generally" included religious "zealots" in her "Basket of Deplorables"....

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Obsession With Bible Prophecy: Devil Loves It
By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

August 18, 2016

Christians of all stripes and persuasions believe in the return of Christ, nuances of prophetic interpretation notwithstanding. Furthermore, personal interpretations of prophecy are NOT fundamental to our salvation or our service to God. One will find faithful and unfaithful believers at every point along the prophecy spectrum.

That said, after more than four decades of pastoring, it is my firm conviction that the obsession with Bible prophecy demonstrated by a host of professing Christians today is one of our country's BIGGEST problems. On the whole, obsession with prophecy either takes those obsessed completely out of the freedom fight or it actually puts them on the side of those who are trying to usurp our liberties.

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