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Long arm of the law closing in on Hillary! ~ By Larry Klayman

Obviously, Hillary Clinton’s private email server in the basement of her Chappaqua, New York, mansion was not secure from hacking or surveillance. Hillary’s emails often crossed international boundaries while she was traveling around the world. More than likely, Hillary was emailing to foreign countries and foreign businesses.

So I figure the NSA, CIA, like America’s enemies around the world, already have copies of Clinton’s insecure emails. The intelligence services of Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, for example, were freely reading Hillary’s mail. Our enemies knew our negotiating positions as soon as Hillary Clinton hit “send.” One wonders what opportunities those emails will provide for foreign countries to blackmail Hillary Clinton if she is elected president.

If the NSA and CIA refuse to look in their database of intercepted emails, we will have yet another opportunity to challenge in court the flawed reasoning and empty excuses being used to engage in this illegal surveillance in the first place. Heads I win, tails you lose is a useful strategy.

On the eve of the anointed one announcing her candidacy for President of the United States, I feel really bad that I'm going to spoil Hillary's celebrated grand announcement that she will be the first female U. S. President.  Umm, no.  Actually, I don't. 

I'm sorry for the lack of a spoiler alert, but in order to make a point, I need to have you see this last paragraph in Larry Klayman's column:
Bottom line: The long arm of the law is finally closing in on the Clintons! Forget Gowdy and Congress! Forget the mainstream media reporting the whole truth! We the People are taking matters into our own legal hands! It’s past time that Hillary, the “Wicked Witch of the Left,” be put behind bars, where she can do no further harm to our nation.
Surely, he jests. Does Larry really believe that Hillary will ever be put behind bars? Seeing former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell go down for similar acts does not mean the same fate waits for Hillary. The "long arm of the law" couldn't ever be stretched far enough to reign in the "Wicked Witch of the Left." (I thought that was Nancy Pelosi!)  Bill and Hillary have always been "above the law."

It can just about be guaranteed that while Obama is President, no action will be taken by the Justice Department concerning Mrs. Clinton's seemingly shady ethics. And why would that be? Well, one plausible scenario that we could consider might be that - and this isn't a big stretch - Hillary has something on Obama. However, that may not be that much of an enviable position to be in for the "anointed one" if things go down hill, and Obama decides to go into tyrant mode. Should that happen, people who can cause trouble for the dear leader, like Hillary, have a tendency to mysteriously disappear. Just sayin'...

Long arm of the law closing in on Hillary!
Larry Klayman calls on media to cover latest legal actions against Clinton
Larry Klayman

By Larry Klayman

Friday, April 10th, 2015

From Commentary

Thursday, my organization, Freedom Watch, went where no congressional committee had the guts to go before: We took real action to get a federal court to immediately seize the hard drives of Hillary Clinton’s private email server. (See

I asked the court to appoint a forensic expert to inspect and recreate the missing email evidence from Clintons’ tenure as secretary of state. We did this without any of the power or funding of Congress and without the years of delay on Capitol Hill. Forget about Trey Gowdy and the Government Oversight and Reform Committee. Unlike Gowdy, who has accomplished little to nothing and indeed dithered as Hillary was busy destroying evidence, we are not pursuing Hillary for show, but to uncover her illegal dough!

Are we watching on a snow-covered mountain the first moments of an avalanche beginning to slide down hill? Following our early lead at Freedom Watch, mainstream journalists are now being forced to pursue the story that Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, traded official U.S. Government favors in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation, often from foreign governments, companies, or interests. If it didn’t involve the Clintons, these journalists would not be shy to already call it bribery.

The Hill, a good conservative-leaning publication, is reporting the same story as WND, under the headline: “Clinton changed stance on trade deal after donations to foundation.” Hillary Clinton reversed her position as secretary of state on Colombia’s record of human rights abuses after a company and its owner donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation. That’s what former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, were recently sentenced to two years in prison for. At The Hill and International Business Times, the story is mainstream now. But the McDonnells were small-time in comparison.

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