Friday, October 03, 2014

White House: No Ebola travel restrictions ~ By Elise Viebeck

Updated: October 4, 2014

The reason for that is that it is not possible to transmit Ebola through the air. ... The only way that an individual can contract Ebola is by coming into contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is exhibiting symptoms.

The comments were made after federal health officials confirmed that a man with Ebola traveled to the United States from Liberia on Sept. 20. He is now being treated in isolation in a Dallas hospital as public health workers trace his contacts.

Earnest said President Obama has “strong confidence” in the man's medical care and the measures currently in place to prevent Ebola's spread.

About a week ago, they were saying that the Ebola virus outbreak would be stopped before it could get out of Western Africa. Well, something went a little wrong, and there's an infected man in Dallas that arrived here from Liberia before he was showing symptoms.

So, why are there still no travel bans now in place?  Isn't it better to be safe than sorry? 

Of course, the government may be trying to avoid widespread panic, which may be the reason for what seems like a passive response to what some people fear could be a global pandemic.  However, if it turns out that the lack of a travel ban ends up leading to the pandemic... then what?  How much longer will the federal government be able to calm fears?  Just sayin'...


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White House: No Ebola travel restrictions
By Elise Viebeck

10/01/14 04:30 PM EDT

From The Hill

The White House said Wednesday it will not impose travel restrictions or introduce new airport screenings to prevent additional cases of Ebola from entering the United States.

Spokesman Josh Earnest said that current anti-Ebola measures, which include screenings in West African airports and observation of passengers in the United States, will be sufficient to prevent the “wide spread” of the virus.

The chances of a U.S. epidemic are “incredibly low,” he said.

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