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Former Atheist Academic Who Rejected God and Believed ‘Smart People Don’t Become Christians’ Reveals What Changed Her Mind Entirely ~ By Billy Hallowell

It’s a view she now fully repudiates — and her journey to that conclusion is a fascinating one.

Growing up in a nominally Christian home which she described as unreligious, Ordway said that she ended up going off to college, where she embraced the “pervasive assumption that secularism was simply true — that naturalism, evolution — all that explained everything.

Faith was a nice thing people did as a hobby or cultural thing,” she recalled believing at the time.

Ordway said it took about 10 years before she began asking the questions that led her out of atheism and into the Christian realm.

Having read Christian writers like J. R. R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis as a child and during her college years, she said that the writings stuck with her and made an impact despite her atheistic worldview.

It really was a total coincidence. I had a movie DVD from Netflix for a couple weeks that I hadn't watched yet. I finally got around to watching it Friday night. And then, by sheer chance, while checking out the stories on, I found this column. Included in the title that drew me here, "Former Atheist Academic" sounded distinctly familiar:
When college student Josh Wheaton encounters an atheistic philosophy teacher who insists that his students will only pass by admitting that God is dead, Josh dedicates himself to proving the professor wrong about God.
That was the description on the DVD sleeve of the movie I watched. I'm sure many people have already figured it out, but the movie was "God's Not Dead."

I knew that the movie hit a special place in my heart upon seeing it. I actually noted that on my Facebook page, Johnny2k's America:
Hey, you all! I never would have believed that a post of mine would ever go viral, which sounds so crass with the Ebola thing going on. But it really happened. Over 24,000 "people reached", 229 shares.

It's all good, I took a night off, and watched an amazing film. While I was feeling great about reaching so many people with a blog I posted, I got thinking, did it make a difference? Maybe I could have made a lot more difference, had I reached just one person, with the message:

God's not dead!
This story about the former atheist academic verifies what the movie "God's Not Dead," though fictional, was illustrating. Many in academia would prefer a secular, God-less America.  Not just Christianity, but any religious belief that you are free to have, is being attacked by the "intellectual elite" snobs in academia.  However, they tend to pick on the Christians the most.  And make no mistake about it, the amount of intimidation of Christians, either students or faculty, that happens on college campuses across the country is staggering. 

Though I know that this blog post, or the movie "God's Not Dead," probably won't change anything, it would be an interesting study to observe these same intellectuals staring death in the face and see how many of them decide to rethink their stance. There's an old war-time saying that goes something like this: "There are no atheists in the foxholes." Just sayin'...

Former Atheist Academic Who Rejected God and Believed ‘Smart People Don’t Become Christians’ Reveals What Changed Her Mind Entirely
By Billy Hallowell

October 16, 2014 10:52am


Dr. Holly Ordway
As an atheist Dr. Holly Ordway had always felt like she wasn’t quite “God’s type” — that is, until she says she began deeply questioning the ins and outs of the Christian faith.

In her autobiography, “Not God’s Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms,” Ordway, who directs the Master of Arts in Apologetics Masters program at Houston Baptist University, tackles how she transitioned from an atheist who wasn’t interested in the Almighty to a fervent Christian.

The title [of the book] reflects pretty much my attitude before I was a Christian,” Ordway recently told TheBlaze. “If I even gave any thought to whether God existed, I thought, ‘It’s not for me … it’s fine for other people, they like that sort of thing.’ I was very much not God’s type.

As an English professor who looked more at the Bible as a piece of ancient literature than anything to be literally revered or followed, she admitted to once believing that “smart people don’t become Christians.”

It was more the absence of positive evidence and the general cultural attitude,” Ordway said of her belief that intelligent individuals couldn’t possibly embrace biblical teaching.

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