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Government termites ~ By Henry Lamb

These are only a few ways the progressive termites are eating away at the foundations of freedom in America. Where is the exterminator? Every person who is old enough to vote is a potential exterminator of the elected officials who support or allow measures that erode freedom. Throughout the next 18 months, tens of thousands of officials and candidates will confront a ballot box. Unless the potential exterminators use their unique power to banish the termites eating away at America's freedoms, the house that freedom built will surely fall.

Another new exterminator at the ballot box is born: In the Facebook comments section on this WND column, Cheryl Rickards wrote, "Interesting. I hadn't heard of Agenda 21 before. And, the Termites [sic] analogy is all too perfect.

Cheryl gets it!

Well, I was pretty sure that there seemed to be no interest in such a minor issue as "sustainable development," and its link to the U.N.'s Agenda 21. Fortunately, though, a reader of the column wrote a comment stating that it was "interesting." And here I was beginning to see little reason to be increasing awareness of this little piece of the puzzle.

No, I know, it's hard to get people's attention anymore, especially when we're just talking about our freedom. It isn't like we're being shipped to internment camps in railroad cars. It isn't like we're suffering with a lack of food, a collapsed economy, or hyper-inflation... That couldn't happen here, right?

And all this time, we just thought it was the good ol' boys network that made sure their buddies got on the local planning commissions so that certain land developers and construction companies would prosper. Just a little corrupt, but hey, at least it isn't like a bunch of Communists want to eliminate our freedom by taking away our property rights.

Of course, the above paragraph was written with sarcasm intended. Our freedoms are in danger. There are scary people that want to control our every move, if they can. There is only one antidote, and that is to make sure a few people out there are aware, especially those who won't hesitate to make others aware. (And by the way, I hate that "awareness" label, as it is easy to picture Hollywood celebrities trying to spread "awareness" about their various personal special interests.)

With all of the above being said, it doesn't seem like people are willing to be all that emotional about the possibilities of losing our freedom. I'm frightened by the fact that a reader of Henry's column wasn't aware of Agenda 21, but I am encouraged by knowing that one more person IS aware of it now.

Wouldn't you know it? I realized that there was one more thing for me to worry about. It isn't so much that there are multitudes that read this story. The real important thing is that the multitudes begin to understand the significance of our Freedom. I'm just sayin'...


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Government termites
By Henry Lamb

July 16, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Editor's note: Listen to this column online.

Termites don't care whether there's a hurricane or tornado raging outside. They just keep chomping away at the foundation of their host structure. Homeowners care. When a hurricane, tornado or storms threaten, homeowners do whatever they can to prevent their home from blowing away. Rarely are they even aware that the termites are chomping away, night and day, rain or shine – until it's too late to save the structure.

Advocates for Agenda 21 and sustainable development operate a lot like termites. It doesn't matter to them whether hurricanes, tornados, debt ceilings or deficits are in the news. They try to operate well below the headlines – and just keep chomping away at private property rights, individuals freedoms, free markets and the foundational pillars of the host governing system. They chomp away at city council meetings, at county commission meetings, at "visioning sessions" and anywhere else they can get their teeth into an unsuspecting official who still thinks Agenda 21 is just a conspiracy theory and that the word "sustainable" means "acceptable" to the green lobby.

When a visioning process blossoms into a comprehensive land-use plan for the county that is adopted by local elected officials, no one puts the spotlight on the provision that requires all landowners to get permission from the government for any proposed land-use change. In Los Angeles County, no one put the spotlight on the provision that subjected property owners to eviction and forfeiture of their property when they failed to bring their property up to the new codes contained in the plan.

Advocates of Agenda 21's sustainable development did not want people who live outside the Urban Boundary Zones in Richland County, S.C., to know that the value of their property fell to nearly zero when their county plan denied all development possibilities.

Advocates of Agenda 21's sustainable development often believe that capitalism is obsolete, that government must manage the marketplace. Congress was dominated by people who share this belief when they voted in 2007 to ban the incandescent light bulb, forcing people to buy a light bulb that cost five times as much, and was made in China.

These folks applaud actions by the Environmental Protection Administration that seek to force car manufacturers to increase their mileage efficiency to more than 56 miles per gallon. Like termites chomping at the foundation of a structure, government continues to take bits and pieces of freedom from its citizens. Unless someone calls the exterminator, the great structure freedom built will inevitably collapse.


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