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Thanks, Obama! ~ By Patrice Lewis

It's been a long time since ordinary Americans could rally so strongly behind a cause they believe in, namely their freedoms and the survival of our nation. "Ordinary citizens are rising up, like a phoenix," notes Robin of Berkeley. "This awakening might prove to be Obama's most enduring legacy. The miracle of a soccer mom attending a protest for the very first time; an elderly man bravely stepping up to the mike at a town hall; strangers forming lifelong bonds at tea parties or online, at sites like American Thinker. People like me snapping out of the leftist trance."
This column by Patrice Lewis was written before Tuesday's midterm election, and now we have one more thing to thank Obama for! Patrice explains, even before it happened, why the Republicans were able to win back the House of Representatives and win a few more seats in the U. S. Senate. Obama helped to wake up WE the people.

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And now that we are awake, I wouldn't think that any of the surviving Democrats will dare to try to pass any more Obama's socialist agenda during the lame duck session between now and the end of the year. Many of the surviving Democrats in the House and Senate barely kept their seats. They are now aware that WE the People are awake and watching their every move. Just sayin'...

Now, desperate and scared, the Democrats are trying the usual tactics of name-calling ("Racists!") and intimidation to quell the uprising of dissent. It ain't working.

When Tea Party Nation President Judson Phillips looked over a crowd of supporters and asked, "How many of you – before the tea-party movement – were never involved in politics?" – more than 90 percent raised their hands. Phillips smiled and responded, "Thank you, Barack Obama."
Thanks, Obama!

By Patrice Lewis

Posted: October 30, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

"Barack Obama is the best thing that has happened to America in the last 100 years," reads the opening line. "Truly, he is the savior of America's future. He is the best thing ever."

This sounds like normal liberal tripe – until I realized it's true.

These words came from a superb article by a rancher and real estate broker named Gary Hubbell, and his sentiments are echoed across the conservative blogosphere and online news sites.

"There would be no tea-party movement without him [Obama]," notes Joseph Farah. "There would be no grass-roots uprising without him. … There would be no awakening of the electorate without him. There would be little focus on the Constitution … without him. There would be no nostalgia about the good old days of American prosperity and triumph without him."

"One of the blessings of the left's assent to power last year – there aren't many – is that ordinary Americans have glimpsed what the left looks like without the mask," says Craige McMillan. "How did we get from 'hope and change' to 'deceit and tyranny'? The short answer is: America had forgotten what the left really looked like."

"For decades, the left has largely controlled the news media, the arts, the universities and the entertainment media," writes Dennis Prager. "And vast numbers of Americans have imbibed these leftist messages and the leftist critiques of conservatives. What these Americans have never been able to do is to see what the left would actually do if in power."

You see, it's been quite a while since a liberal government has been able to fully indulge, virtually unchallenged, in their progressive agenda. When people actually see what it's like, they are horrified. In other words, "every once in a while Americans need to be reminded just how dark the dark side really is."

"… it's clear President Obama does not understand economics, and his goal is to advance a leftist agenda of massive spending, more social welfare entitlement programs and a huge expansion of government and increased taxes," says former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

We've had president after president of splendid mediocrity. That endless mediocrity and the endless chipping away of our constitutional freedoms have dulled us into an endless state of apathy.

It was apathy that got Obama into office – boredom or laziness or curiosity about the nebulous "change" a charismatic Obama promised us.

And since Hope and Change came roaring into office, this country hasn't been the same. The socialist treason that has eaten away the foundation of our nation for many years – virtually unnoticed by an apathetic populace – is now being recognized. Obama and his unelected czars are showing us just how viciously socialism can destroy an economy and two centuries of liberty.

"Not only are Americans waking up to the true nature of the 'change,'" says Roger Hedgecock, "they are dumbfounded at the cost. … Perhaps these younger voters finally realized that the Obama 'change' would require higher taxes for the rest of their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren."

Hence the birth of the tea party.

"With the help of an incompetently led Congress," writes Herman Cain, "Obama has successfully awakened a citizen's movement that has stunned the political establishment in both parties. … They can't seem to understand why people are upset. Maybe they're not listening. The administration, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, other Democrats, the Obama mainstream media and other liberals have responded to the citizens' movement with nothing but name-calling attacks on the tea-party people. Those tactics have not worked. In fact, they appear to have further energized the citizens' movement. Demonization and intimidation of 'We the People' is not working."

Unnerved by the gathering strength of the tea party, the left attempted a pathetic counter-movement called (cough) One Nation. "The smarter and more devious elements of this movement … understand that it will create more unsustainable dependency on government, which will inevitably lead to chaos and the collapse of the nation and ideas they detest."

In fact, the whole tea-party movement scares the pants off the progressives. "The intensity and nastiness of the attacks on the tea-party movement," notes Tom Tancredo, "tell us how much the left fears ordinary American citizens who take an interest in politics." [Emphasis added.] "The only answer the Obama team has is to smear the opponents as un-American."

These name-calling tactics have always been used to silence citizens, but it's gotten darker and more evil. "The [Freedom Index] poll … showed more Americans now believe their fellow citizens risk punishment, penalty or some sort of public retribution for speaking their minds freely." Remember Joe the Plumber? And Obama wasn't even president yet!

Whenever this administration's minions make fun of all the good, decent, ordinary, hard-working folks who chose to exercise their First Amendment rights and march on Washington – and when they're called racists, Nazis, KKK and other charming endearments – then the citizens of this country wake up a little more. By the millions.

What other president in recent history has sent people scrambling to read the Constitution and Bill of Rights in great depth? To make a best-seller of books like "The 5000 Year Leap"? To make people more aware of their God-given rights, not the "rights" made up by government?

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