Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to Spot a False Flag Event - by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Count me as one that became very skeptical about any conspiracy theory I had heard about. Thanks, Alex Jones. Thanks, George Noory. The problem is that after awhile, one gets tired of doing google searches on everything we hear or read about. And in addition, another problem is the commercial saturation, and all the wonderful products you could purchase to survive all that was predicted to come our way. (And, may I add, never did!)  Global economic collapse? Buy your gold and silver here! Natural disasters coming our way? Get your survival food good for 25 years (and don't forget to pick up your solar powered generator while you're here)! Let's not forget about the coming police state and jackbooted thugs breaking down your door: We have guns and ammo for you!

So, I'm a complete skeptic. Well, I was, anyway, but as it goes for those of us that do occasionally dig deeper, I found some plausible information that I must share with my fellow skeptics. I guess I have to admit that sometimes, I have to actually be skeptical about my skepticism, and that there may be a good reason to find out that not everything we are told by our mainstream media and government is quite accurate:

It's time for those of us who have been reluctant to consider the possibility that our own government (and the governments of Israel and Great Britain) could actually be complicit in domestic terrorism in order to further a nefarious agenda to at least stop accepting the government and media’s version of these tragedies at face value. For the most part, the mainstream media is little more than a propaganda ministry for the federal government. We haven’t seen true objective investigative journalism since before the death of John F. Kennedy.

Granted, not every national tragedy is part of a government conspiracy--and there is a plethora of "conspiracy nuts" out there to whom EVERYTHING is a conspiracy and through which we must wade to try to ascertain the truth. These people make it difficult for all of us. The Internet has provided the Chicken Littles of the world with an opportunity to play journalist. And their “everything's-a-conspiracy” rants only serve to mask the true conspiracies and turn the average John Doe away from the truth. That’s why I believe that many of these “conspiracy-everywhere” Internet bloggers are actually PART OF THE CONSPIRACY. Their job is to make genuine whistleblowers and researchers look like conspiracy “kooks.” Then, of course, there are genuine kooks out there, too.

Regardless, the similarities and "coincidences" of many of these national tragedies are just too numerous for rational people to ignore. I believe Mr. Swift's analysis is very intelligent, coherent, and plausible.
Please read the rest of the excellent article by Chuck Baldwin here, and the article by Sebastian Swift here.

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