Thursday, March 17, 2016

Vote for Ted Cruz ~ By Joseph Farah

Joseph Farah endorses candidate with the 'most Reaganesque vision'

I have been in a quandary for the last few weeks, thinking about the looming possibility that Donald Trump could come up with the needed 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination on the first ballot at the Republican National Convention.  In that event, I have to ask myself, "Could I support and vote for Donald Trump in the general election?" That has been a question many have asked; it isn't just me. To begin with, what we must somehow avoid is the eating-our-own politics and bad feelings. The GOP is going to need unity in order to overcome the Democrats. You can count on that.
That’s why it’s time for Republicans to stop eating their own. To win in November will require unity among the top vote-getters and a healing of the bad feelings of record numbers of GOP voters who turned out in what is the equivalent of a grass-roots rebellion against establishment, business-as-usual politics.

I am preparing myself for what appears to be inevitable – nominee Trump or nominee Cruz.
Joseph Farah's thoughts in this column reflect my own. However, there are people I know that aren't thinking along the same lines. What I've been told is that there is no way they will vote for Donald Trump, and some have even mentioned the dreaded thought that they could vote for the probable Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump if he is the Republican candidate.

In choosing between the least of two evils, then, their choice would be "the evil they know," they say. But honestly, it is beyond my imagination how anybody could be worse than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders! Things could possibly work out better if Ted Cruz was the GOP nominee for President in 2016. I'm just sayin'...

Vote for Ted Cruz

Editor's note: The following column represents a personal political endorsement by Joseph Farah, the editor and founder of, and not a corporate editorial endorsement. It's been a strange 2016 election cycle. On the Democratic side, it's a contest between a former senator and secretary of state who should and could be indicted at any moment…

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