Wednesday, January 14, 2015

VIDEO: MIA in Paris: The excuse that comes from Bizzaro World

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As an additional feature here on Blogging In Our Time 2 Escape, this blog will be including videos that have been posted on the johnny2k's America Facebook page! Videos can sometimes say more than what can be expressed in text.  Be sure to visit the archive with hundreds of videos to peruse.

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  1. A side bar note to the readers of johnny2k's Blogging In Our Time 2 Escape:

    Soon after the mid-term election in early November 2014, there was a sudden decrease in the number of views of posts in this blog. I expected that to happen. It wasn't just this blog that experienced a decline in views, either. It's just that the big story of the election was over, and the holidays were here, and almost everything in the news cycles had to do with the backlash of grand jury decisions regarding police officers. People were not in the mood to focus on those issues. Preparing for the holidays was a much higher priority, and I am actually pretty happy about that. I had planned to take just a week or two off from blogging. It started winding down in mid-December, and waned to little or nothing here, and spotty work on the Facebook page, Johnny2k's America.

    What I wasn't expecting to happen, though, did. My interest in continuing with this blog and other things began to deteriorate. It was right after the New Year when I actually considered a desire to end this endeavor. Thank God, literally, for not allowing that to happen! (I'll explain that more in a moment.) The hosts on many of the news shows that I've depended on for my information were finally getting back from the holidays. It has now gotten to the point where I have to make editorial decisions on what stories that I am able to cover. There have been so many things coming at us lately that I can only cover a fraction of all the various stories that I come across. I'm loving it!

    However, the point I really want to express is that I also want to focus more of my efforts on making sure that I am serving you, my viewers/readers, in a better way. I intend to use the mediums of my blog and Facebook page, and probably other resources, to make sure that people understand how the various news events influence our lives, and the best outcome would be that our lives are influenced for the better. Because we live in America, none of us would want our freedoms taken away just by the fear of violence against us. Or, at least, I hope we realize that before we see an attack here like that in Paris on Charlie Hebdo. It's probable that was the feeling that I had that brought my desire to do this work back to life. And it's for you. Just sayin'...