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WIFLI Briefing for Sep 2, 2012 ~ I'm not afraid! Chuck Norris is on my side!

First, a side note that must be mentioned: A long, long time ago, I shared a column by Robert Stacy McCain, called "How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year," and to this day, it haunts me that I haven't been able to break out of the box. I thought that I had it figured out, but I still found it difficult to succeed in blogging to the point where the numbers of viewers of my blogs are in the millions.

Well, shame on me, for not coming up with Rule #6 of blogging success a little sooner: Quantity and quality of posts on a blog count a whole bunch! I need to work on executing that strategy better.

But, excuse me, because there's another Rule of blogging success that needs to be mentioned. In studying Stacy McCain's Rule #5, I found that there is a critical modification that could be appended: Mention Chuck Norris or Glenn Beck, or both, in one blog post if possible, and it will bring on the viewers.

This is one of my blog posts, now known as the WIFLI Chronicles, that will test that "strategery." While I make sure that you know about the video made by Chuck and Gena Norris, a very recent event, I also needed to go back in history to support the Norris' announcement with a segment from Glenn Beck's Fox News days, way back in 2009. A coincidence? Absolutely not!

What you will see Glenn Beck discussing in a video below, from a long, long time ago -2009 - is what I've known about and tried to tell you in this blog for all these years. And because this blog - Time 2 Escape - didn't get those millions of views I was hoping for, at least now, there is some hope. I now know that I'm not alone. No longer do I have to worry about having enemies because of what I've told you, especially in last month's posts. I've learned that I have Chuck and Gena Norris on my side! There's no reason for me to be afraid! I'm just sayin'...

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Welcome to this edition of Time 2 Escape WIFLI Briefing!

What is WIFLI?
You may be wondering what the acronym "WIFLI" means. I started out by calling these issues the Time 2 Escape Daily, but that didn't work out very well. I quickly learned that putting these issues together on a daily basis was a task I was unable to accomplish. To replace "Daily" in the title, I borrowed the acronym WIFLI, which literally means "When I Feel Like It." Putting together a post on this blog WIFLI works much better for my schedule, and for the higher quality of each issue that is eventually published!

FAIR USE NOTICE: This edition of the Time 2 Escape WIFLI Briefing may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.
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You definitely need to see the public service announcement video that Chuck and Gena Norris filmed.  Unfortunately, I am not currently able to include the video here, as it is being unveiled exclusively by World Net Daily.  However, you can see it by clicking on the link to the story below. 

Chuck Norris' dire warning for America
'Our country as we know it may be lost forever'
From WND Faith ~ By Chelsea Schilling ~ Published Sep 1, 2012

Chuck Norris Fact No. 39: “Chuck Norris stared evil in the eye and it went into hiding.”

America’s favorite action star is doing just that this election – calling on evangelical Christians across the nation to join him in crushing the creep of socialism under President Obama.

Norris and his wife, Gena, have filmed a public service announcement, unveiled exclusively at WND, wherein the two urge Christians to help save the country in November.

We are here to talk about a growing concern we all share,” Chuck Norris explains. “If we look to history, our great country and freedom are under attack. We’re at a tipping point and, quite possibly, our country as we know it may be lost forever if we don’t change the course in which our country is headed.

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In America, to have any political power, it is important to find as many like-minded people that you can in order to bring about any change. However, if it was only Chuck Norris that is in agreement, well, I'd say that's good enough for me!  It gives new meaning to, "Don't be afraid! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!"

Top 10 reasons not to re-elect Obama, Part 3
Exclusive: Chuck Norris lists president's actions and policies devastating America
From WND Commentary ~ By Chuck Norris ~ Published Aug 26, 2012

From crumbling down American sovereignty by giving sway to U.N rule and European socialism to clamping down on Second Amendment gun rights and passing the Freedom of Choice Act – the sweeping bill that would abolish all pro-life regulations across the nation, from parental notification laws to bans on federal funding of abortion, our republic is in deep, deep trouble with Obama at the helm for four more years, because he will complete his fundamental transformation of the United States into a completely progressive European-socialist state.

Fellow citizens, America is out of time, out of money, indebted up to her ears and our economy and unemployment rates are in the tank. We can’t afford a single day more of President Obama – especially knowing every day his administration adds $4,179,115,306 extra (on top of the existing spending and debt) every day he is in office.

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Okay, it is time to pay tribute to one of my heroes:  Glenn Beck.  He had the right idea nearly three years ago, back on November 1, 2009.  There is no doubt in my mind that Beck backs up the recent dire warning presented by Chuck and Gena Norris.


Video provided by WaterTreeOfLiberty on Nov 1, 2009

WAKE UP AMERICA!! Marxist communists have infiltrated Washington DC! Listen yourself AS THEY SHAMELESSLY CONFESS THEIR HATRED OF AMERICA IN THEIR OWN WORDS!!

Only Fox News, now singled out by Obama's henchmen as "the enemy of the state", REPORT the news that all the co-conspirator propaganda media refuse to air! Glenn Beck boldly shows up these TRAITORS and their FOUL WORDS AND DEEDS against America and the U.S. Constitution...

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Don't be afraid!
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