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WIFLI Briefing for Apr 10, 2012 - The message is simple

Welcome to this edition of Time 2 Escape WIFLI Briefing!

What is WIFLI?
You may be wondering what the acronym "WIFLI" means. I started out by calling these issues the Time 2 Escape Daily, but that didn't work out very well. I quickly learned that putting these issues together on a daily basis was a task I was unable to accomplish. To replace "Daily" in the title, I borrowed the acronym WIFLI, which literally means "When I Feel Like It." Putting together a post on this blog WIFLI works much better for my schedule, and for the higher quality of each issue that is eventually published!

FAIR USE NOTICE: This edition of the Time 2 Escape WIFLI Briefing may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.

Up until just a few moments ago, there were many people that still had hope for Rick Santorum to become the GOP nominee in the election against Barack Obama. I had included that as the first story in the NEWS segment since I began working on this issue of the WIFLI Briefing. I had to append an update just below the story that broke the sad news for Rick's Army that the Santorum campaign was now over.

But the good news is, for the rest of this issue, I included the columns that are very relative to why Barack Obama must not win a second term. The information that you'll read and ponder on as you continue through this edition are just the tip of the iceberg.

There is a problem, however, and that is the Conservatives are going to be very concerned about whether or not Mitt Romney can be trusted to what is right for America, and not sway over to the progressive values and policies that we've had to endure at many times with other Republican Presidents. Will Mitt Romney really work to reduce the size and power of the Federal government? That will be our hope, but there are doubts that have sprung up since the nomination process first began back in Iowa in January.... or even four years ago.

Since my last WIFLI Briefing on March 28, I've had to go through some things that prevented me from being able to get this issue finally published. Just one week ago today, I had the surgery that reversed the ileostomy surgery I had on January 25 of this year. The operation on April 3 was successful. And while in the recovery process, I've done my best to keep on top of the news and get this edition published.

As usual, I had the wonderful support from family and friends to keep me uplifted and positive throughout the surgery and recovery process. I had the joy of watching the Chicago Cubs trying not to lose, and wonderful shows on various Christian broadcasting networks to watch. I had the opportunity to still be able to worship my Lord during the important time of Passover and Easter. At the end of this edition, you'll see one of the videos that I spent much time watching again and again.

I even ended up watching the exciting conclusion of the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, GA. I'm not usually interested in watching golf on TV, but for some reason, watching how Bubba Watson persevered, especially on that last hole in the playoff, it was a special treat.

Another special treat was when I donated my remaining nine ostomy bags to the Community Health Free Clinic yesterday. I hope those will be a great blessing to somebody in need someday.

And as usual, I had time to keep up with Ralph Marston's Daily Motivators. I believe that the Daily Motivator "Decide" on Monday, April 9, 2012, was the most relevant to this WIFLI issue:

Decide that this day will be productive and consequential, and it will be. Decide to rise above the petty distractions, and you’re already on your way.

Decide that there are valuable opportunities in the challenges, and you’ll find those opportunities. Decide to make a positive difference, and you’ll have what is necessary to do so.

There are many factors in life over which you have no direct control. And yet even with those things, you can decide how to handle them.

  ~ Ralph Marston ~ Decide ~ Apr 9, 2012
I am praying that the Conservative Republicans and Independents, and even some Democrats, will unite to fight to keep America free. I'm just sayin'...

*     *     *     *


Could GOP delegate count really be this close?
Santorum camp looks to claim as many as 7 victories during May
From WND ~ By Bob Unruh ~ Published Apr 5, 2012

A report released today by Rick Santorum’s campaign says that the GOP primary tabulations assembled by the media are wrong, and the former Pennsylvania senator actually is much closer to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney than is being portrayed.

The report said Santorum will follow what always was expected to be a “difficult” month of April with the possibility of up to seven victories in May, which would leave him “heading into the June 5th primaries with a freight train of momentum.”

The report by Strategic National was released this afternoon by the campaign.

The report says a much more accurate assessment of the delegate totals in the GOP nomination race at this point is 571 for Romney, 342 for Santorum, 158 for Newt Gingrich and 91 for Ron Paul.

The Wall Street Journal, on the other hand, lists 658 for Romney, 281 for Santorum, 135 for Gingrich and 51 for Ron Paul. Real Clear Politics lists 655 for Romney, 272 for Santorum, 140 for Gingrich and 67 for Paul..

The report released by Santorum’s campaign said, “There are a couple of fundamental flaws with the delegate counts that the media keeps that reveals that this race is much closer than they report.”

The report said Florida, Arizona and “possibly Puerto Rico” will be recalculated to disperse their delegates on a proportional basis. Those counts now go wholly to Romney.

... READ MORE ...

UPDATE! At 1:00 PM Central today, 4-10-12, I heard the news that Rick Santorum has suspended his campaign. He is dropping out of the race for the GOP nomination.

*    *    *    *

Holder assures judge of administration's respect
From GOPUSA News ~ By Pete Yost ~ Published Apr 5, 2012 12:58 pm

WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a letter written at the request of a federal appellate judge, Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday offered assurances that the Obama administration respects the decisions that courts make.

The attorney general wrote the letter after appeals court judge Jerry Smith in Texas asked for reassurances that the Justice Department recognizes judicial authority. Smith made the request after President Barack Obama said this week that it would be "unprecedented" for the Supreme Court to overturn a major law passed by Congress like the health care overhaul whose constitutionality it is now considering.

On Tuesday, the judge had said he wanted a letter of at least three pages that makes specific references to the president's statements.

"The longstanding, historical position of the United States regarding judicial review of the constitutionality of federal legislation has not changed," Holder wrote.

...READ MORE ...

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And why did Attorney General Eric Holder receive the homework assignment from  Federal Appellate Court Judge Jerry Smith of Texas? The Fox News segment in the video below will help explain:

Obama's Supreme Court Warning
From Fox News Featured Videos ~ Apr 7, 2012, 6:23

Was the president's attack a preview of what's to come if the health care law goes down?

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com.

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The Imperial President: Obama Wages War on SCOTUS, Congress
From Breitbart.com Big Government ~ By Ben Shapiro ~ Published Apr 3, 2012

In August 2011, Obama stated, “It's been a long, tough journey. But we have made some incredible strides together. Yes, we have …. We knew this was going to take time because we've got this big, messy, tough democracy.

President Obama’s favorite word, as we’ve learned repeatedly, is “I.” He uses it on a constant basis. He uses it to claim credit and to assign blame. He uses it to cajole and to threaten. He uses it to plead and to prod.

But he doesn’t use the word “I” purely out of ego. He does it because for President Obama, “I” represents the executive branch. And the executive branch, in Obama’s view, is the ruling branch of American government.

President Obama’s latest attack on the Supreme Court is just the latest evidence of his deep-rooted disdain not just for the Constitution, but for the system of checks and balances it represents. Prior to his election, Obama told Americans that we were just days away from “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” He didn’t mean that simply in terms of policy, although he certainly wanted redistributionist policy to take center stage. He meant it in terms of governmental structure.

President Obama has made it his mission to wield the club against the other two branches of government in a manner unprecedented in American history. Yesterday, Obama, rejecting the heart of judicial review for purposes of his own power, stated, “I am confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.” That, of course, is precisely what the Supreme Court does on a daily basis: it reviews acts of a democratically-elected Congress. The reason the justices are unelected is that they are supposed to be free of outside influences in defending and protecting the Constitution.

... READ MORE ...
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Obama’s Quest To Consolidate Federal Power
From GOPUSA Commentary ~ By Christopher G.Adamo ~ Published Apr 5, 2012 6:55 a.m.

Theories abound as to the motives and significance of Barack Obama’s April 2, 2012 tirade against the United States Supreme Court. Perhaps the most plausible, given the timing of the events, is that one of the “justices” sympathetic to the Obama regime leaked word that the Court had struck down Obamacare in large part, or in full. In response, Obama could be attempting to publicly stay ahead of the court, since its decision will not be officially announced until June.

Of course, the primary suspect in this scenario is Elena Kagan, the newest member of the court. It may seem pejorative to suggest that she could so flagrantly compromise the integrity of her office, except that by remaining involved with the Obamacare court case, she has already done just that. Having stumped for Obama’s massive governmental power grab as his Solicitor General, she can by no means be objective in her current position. Yet she flatly declined to recuse herself from the case. So regardless of whether or not she actually divulged last week’s decision on Obamacare, the Court as it currently exists is in a wholly compromised condition.

Nor was the outrageous commentary on Monday the first effort by Obama to wage war on the Supreme Court and all of those irritating constitutional limitations to his power that it currently represents. In the wake of his latest rant, many are recalling how he used the 2010 “State of the Union” message to disparage the Supreme Court for ruling against Campaign Finance “Reform.” Yet his latest outburst reveals something much broader in scope and far more sinister than an episode of mere jockeying for power between two branches of the United States Government.

... READ MORE ...

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Obama Is Making the Case For His Own Impeachment
From Townhall Columnists ~ By Tony Katz ~ Published Apr 4, 2012

The President’s latest tactic, taking on the Supreme Court’s power of judicial review with a preemptive striking against justices who might contemplate an unfavorable ruling on ObamaCare, following on the heels of last week’s "open mic gaffe" in which he explained Russian President Dimitri Medvedev that he’d have more “flexibility” to sacrifice American security after his re-election, lead to one question: Is Barack Obama making his own case for impeachment?

Obama is no longer fit for the job. I don’t say this lightly. I don’t say it with glee or joy. And I don’t say it with malice. But rather with recognition that the Office of the President must be protected. And the citizens of the United States must protect themselves from a president who is either incapable or unwilling to fulfill his responsibilities to the American people and respect the Constitutionally proscribed limitations on his powers.

Obama’s pronouncement about the Supreme Court was so disingenuous and divisive as alone to warrant impeachment proceedings. Obama, a one-time senior lecturer in constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School, told a group of reporters at a Rose Garden news conference that since the Affordable Care Act was passed by a “strong majority,” a finding of unconstitutionality would constitute “judicial activism.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Judicial activism is when judges exceed their appropriate powers and legislate from the bench. Judicial review, in contrast, is one of the Supreme Court’s primary functions.

... READ MORE ...

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Obama, repetition and the art of the non sequitur
From TheBlaze Contributors ~ By Joe "Pags" Pagliarulo ~ Published Apr 4, 2012 at 9:13am

Most of us outside of Illinois became aware of Barack Obama in 2004. He was a candidate for senator and asked to give a speech at the Democratic convention that year in Boston. He was interesting. A fresh face — in stark contrast to old Washington embodied by the Democrat nominee Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. He had a certain confidence, youth and ability to grab your attention with how he delivered the speech. It would be a few years before we really started understanding who this man was politically.

In 2007 — when some of the candidates running for the 2008 nominations on both sides of the aisle became apparent — I was brought into New York to do a show for CNN. On the show were: Roland Martin (liberal currently with CNN), Rachel Maddow (liberal currently with MSNBC), and one other man — another liberal whose name escapes me, and me – the lone conservative on the panel. It was assumed I’d be pulling for Rudy Giuliani the former mayor of New York, I guess, because we were both white and Italian. It was odd that the assumption was made. I made it clear, however, that I was not a Giuliani guy because of his stance on abortion. I mentioned I was looking into McCain but was also looking into Obama. Why? Because he was young, energetic and gave one heck off a speech. I still didn’t know much about him other than what I saw and heard — like most Americans. The examination didn’t take long before I found out he was the most vehement supporter of abortion I’d ever heard speak and he was, at his very core, a socialist. He was and is a guy that believes the ruling class gets all the spoils and the rest of us idiots get what the bloated government decides we should get and we should thank said government for the table scraps.

... READ MORE ...

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The day Obama snuffs out Internet truth
Exclusive: Erik Rush envisions scenario of frightening totalitarian control this summer

(Be sure to read the complete column!)
From WND Commentary ~ By Erik Rush ~ Published Apr 4, 2012

You awake one morning this summer to a radio alarm that startles you out of bed with blaring white noise instead of music or your news show. Annoyed, you soon discover that you can’t tune in any stations at all, not even on the other radios in your home. It isn’t until you determine that there’s nothing on the television but snow and “Cannot find server” messages online that you become concerned.

You phone your job; at least the phones are working. The receptionist suspects something is amiss, but they’re as clueless as you are as to what the cause might be. As far as they know, it’s business as usual, so you plan to go in.

Outside, it’s quieter than normal. As you leave your home, a brief conversation with a neighbor indicates that this is even more widespread than the city. Again, he’s pretty clueless, but mentions that a friend of his who was about to go out of town called and said his flight had been canceled. In fact, the friend said all flights out of town had been canceled.

No one gets much done at work that day. You learn that the telephones are only operating locally; whether land lines or cell phones, no one is able to place calls outside of the local area. Several co-workers who had work-related trips scheduled also had their flights canceled with no explanation. All day long, people on the job attempt to learn something, waiting for the radio, television, or Internet to go live again, but nothing changes for the remainder of the day. Some go home, others don’t want to be alone, so they remain. You hear a few more sirens than usual, and a call to emergency responders affirm that they don’t know what’s going on either, and they’re only responding to 911 calls.

... READ MORE ...

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Your employer is NOT your master
Exclusive: Phil Elmore offers appropriate response for bosses fishing for Facebook logins
From WND Commentary ~ By Phil Elmore ~ Published Apr 4, 2012

For as long as there have been employers, there have been methods for weeding out the unsuitable candidates and selecting the better ones. What no job applicant ought to hear, however, is the question, “What is your Facebook password?”

The popularity of social networking sites like Twitter and especially Facebook has given these sites a unique prominence in employees’ personal, social and sometimes professional lives. Depending on your relationship with your coworkers, subordinates and supervisors, you may have some of these as Facebook “friends.” There are certain obvious cautions attached to this type of networking. If anyone you work with can see your social media posting “I’m so hung over today” as you head into work on a Monday morning, it’s not a good idea.

This is common sense. The workplace and regulations relating to human resources, hiring, firing and employee/employer disclosures are already a Byzantine maze of overlapping and sometimes contradictory mandates. It should not be the case that a special law is required telling employers they may not ask about your social media, or prescribing dire consequences if they do. For all of Facebook’s rumblings about filing legal action against employers who dare to ask employees for their passwords, it seems unlikely that this would occur except in the most egregious or highest profile of cases. The issue, however, is a valid one.

Who is your employer to demand your private login data?

... READ MORE ...

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Last weekend, we celebrated Passover and Easter, which I call "Resurrection Day." The following video was sent to me by my sister in an email last week. I've watched it multiple times, too many to count. The message is simple: Who am I to deserve God's Love?

Who Am I?

Video provided by sesamonte on May 15, 2010

Please click to play all the featured Christian hymns

To purchase music CD's of the Altar of Praise Chorale, click here

Complete Lyrics:

When I think of how He left His home in Glory
Came and dwelt among the lowly such as I
To suffer shame and such disgrace
On Mount Calvary take my place
Then I ask myself a question, Who am I?

Who am I that a King would bleed and die for?
Who am I that He would pray not my will Thine for?
The answer I may never know, why He ever loved me so
That to an old rugged cross He'd go, for who am I?

Then I'm reminded of His words, I'll leave you never
Just be true I'll give to you a life forever
I wonder what I could have done
To deserve Gods only Son
Fight my battles till they're won, Who am I?

*     *     *     *

Don't be afraid!
are the MOB
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