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Feds say global governance at 'critical juncture' ~ By Henry Lamb

"[G]lobal governance is here, here to stay, and driven by economic and environmental globalization, global governance will inevitably expand."
So, do you still want to say or believe that there is no move toward a one world (global) government? Henry Lamb provides the absolute proof of it in this column, through the links and youtube videos (seen below).

The next question we need to ask you is, do you believe that Barack Hussein Obama and his henchmen are playing a big part in the move toward the global government? The truth is, Obama is not the first President to be pushing us toward losing our sovereignty. The Progressives have been on this quest since early in the 20th Century, beginning with Woodrow Wilson. However, Obama, through his administration and the Pelosi and Reid controlled Congress, is attempting to move us as quick as possible down the path toward their end game, as you will read about here and in many other columns by Henry Lamb. For those of you that just don't yet believe that, I'm hoping that you will begin to investigate this for yourselves.

And then, there are the people that either don't care, or that actually want a global government. For those that don't care, I am praying that they eventually realize that if the progressive globalists get their way, it will be the end of America and freedom as we know it. For those that want the global government, I've got news for them. It will have to be done against the will of the people. The Tea Party Movement is going to be standing in the way. Patriots are going to be working hard to get the progressive global elitists out of office on November 2.

But the problem - no, make that the real danger - is what the current Congress will attempt to do in the lame duck session after the election. Should the legislation with the globalist agenda be passed and signed into law, there's going to be a real problem that will need to be resolved. Any legislator that votes for any of that legislation will be going against the will of the people.  We will need to be praying that resolution will be peaceful.  Just sayin'...

No wonder the new U.N.-E.U. report forecasts global governance. They claim the prospects for global governance are at a critical juncture because despite Obama's support, their agenda has met significant opposition within the U.S. and in other countries. It is clear that the governments of the U.S. and the European Union are eager to continue expanding global governance. No combination of nations can stop the U.S. and the E.U. in their quest.

The only power sufficient to stop this agenda is the power of American voters who care enough to turn out the current majority in Congress, in a dress rehearsal for turning out the current administration in 2012.
Feds say global governance at 'critical juncture'
By Henry Lamb

Posted: October 02, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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Pundits and politicians who giggle and point fingers at people who dare refer to global governance display their ignorance, or their duplicity. The U.S. National Intelligence Council, and the European Union's Institute for Security Studies has just released a report called: Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Juncture.

This 82-page document discusses quite openly the current status of global governance and the likelihood of global governance maturing into full-fledged global government. Those who scoff at the reality of global governance are to be pitied for their ignorance or despised for their duplicity. As Gustave Speth, former director of the World Resources Institute and head of the U.N. Development Program, said in 1997:
"[G]lobal governance is here, here to stay, and driven by economic and environmental globalization, global governance will inevitably expand."

Video provided by henryzeke

Speth's belief was confirmed in November 2009 by Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Union Council, who said "Global governance is the global management of our planet."

Video provided by TCCTV

The new U.S.-E.U. report defines global governance to be "the collective management of common problems at the international level" and says that global governance is at a critical juncture.

The United Nations Development Program, in its 1999 report, defines global governance to be "the framework of rules, institutions, and practices that set limits of the behavior of individuals, organizations and companies."

Both the U.N. and the new U.S.-E.U. report are quick to say that global governance in not global government. The new report describes global government as the exercise of sovereignty through a hierarchical system of authority, while global governance is a voluntary arrangement of shared sovereignty among nations.

If global governance has the power to "limit the behavior of individuals, organizations, and companies," then such actions are, indeed, the exercise of sovereignty, even if that sovereignty has been voluntarily surrendered to an international institution such as the World Trade Organization or to an international treaty.

Dancing around the semantics is simply a diversion in an attempt to appease, distract or discredit the opponents of global governance. The indisputable fact is that global governance has advanced dramatically in the last two decades and is moving forward even faster under the Obama administration.


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